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UNX Conversion Resources - APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence

Laura Vega has published a series of posts to the SAP Community blog about what’s coming in BI 2025, or more specifically, what’s not coming. Components that will be deprecated with the release of BI 2025 include:

  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • Multi–source universes and associated connectivity
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP
  • SAP BusinessObjects Live Office
  • SAP BusinessObjects Universe Design Tool and .unv universes

Laura has been leading the way advising the SAP BusinessObjects community on how to prepare for these deprecations.

Getting to UNX

We know many of our customers welcome new life for the SAP BusinessObjects platform, but they also know that extending the lifespans of their deployments will require significant planning and effort, especially with regard to the deprecation of UNV universes. If you haven’t already begun the process of converting to UNX, you should start soon, because many organizations with large numbers of reports to repoint are finding they need to plan a timely and ordered transition over an extended period of time to make best use of their resources.

In her post, UNV is dead, long live UNX, Laura explored converting UNV universes to UNX universes, repointing Web Intelligence reports, and the challenges inherent in these processes. She notes that the process for converting UNV to UNX is for the most part straightforward in the Information Design Tool (IDT), but repointing a large number of Web Intelligence reports is a challenge worthy of automation that goes beyond the capabilities of the Change Source process available in Web Intelligence. An automation solution she highlights is the APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence.

In her post, Automating UNX Adoption – Overview, Laura published an overview of the automation of UNX conversion, Web Intelligence repointing, and validation processes in the APOS Migrator tool, in consultation with Alan Golding and Allan Pym of APOS. The focus was on providing the capabilities to enable a timely and ordered transition to UNX in a project-based environment.

In her post, Automating UNX Adoption – Bulk Conversion, Report Migration and Validation, Laura took a deeper dive into the APOS Migrator tool, particularly:

  • System inventory – advanced search and selection options.
  • Bulk Universe conversion – flexibility in migration execution, and universe mapping between UNV and UNX.
  • Repointing Web Intelligence reports – bulk repointing using asynchronous processing, and a high availability option for distributed processing and scalability.
  • Validation automation –the flexibility to choose to validate as an administrator, the report owner, or as a specific user; validate variable types and variable values; restrict the validation to specified columns and to the first or last portions of the data.
  • Process Controls – project-based migration management, advanced system scanning, granular validation, process commit, scalability

Webinar On Demand
Move It or Lose It! Automating Your Upgrade to UNX Universe

This session, hosted by APOS, focussed on how APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence can help you automate and accelerate your UNX conversion and Web Intelligence repointing. The planning and execution of your upgrade does not need to be intimidating.
What You Will Learn:

  • Why upgrade to UNX now?
  • What are the challenges you will face upgrading to UNX?
  • How does automation make this project achievable?
  • How does APOS automation allow you to control the process confidently?

This is a live webinar, so please come with your questions as there will be Q&A.

Watch now

APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer

Laura mentions the APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer in her blog posts. Knowing what automation options are available can help you formulate your migration strategy and plan your migration.
The APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer lets you:

  • Bulk convert existing UNV universes to UNX format
  • Scan your system for targeted Web Intelligence reports and select them
  • Repoint Web Intelligence reports in bulk (up to 200 in Freemium)
  • Optionally replace existing reports, rename the new reports, or move the new reports to a different folder
  • Export universe properties
  • Manage data connections
  • Automate bulk testing to ensure successful and accurate migration process

Learn more about the APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer


Learn more about APOS Migator for Web Intelligence

Learn more about APOS Upgrade Freemium Offer

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