APOS Administrator -
Change Validation

You can use APOS Administrator and SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication to validate specific changes you have made to security or object settings and ensure they display for users as planned. Use "administrative user impersonation," which lets you log in as a specific user in BI Launchpad and view reports as that user. This feature is extremely useful for platform managers wishing to examine the implementation of an organization's security model right down to row level security, and for administrators providing user support.

If you are a BI platform manager or BI administrator responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of your organization's security model, or if you're involved in BI user support, then you'll find administrative user impersonation to be an extremely useful feature of APOS Administrator and APOS Security Manager.

User impersonation allows administrators to see what specific users see, so you can examine the implementation of your security model down to row-level security with more certainty than you can creating temporary accounts. If you are providing BI user support, user impersonation lets you experience precisely what the user is seeing while you are talking to them remotely. You can log in to BI Launchpad as the user and view reports just as that user would see them.

Change validation using administrative user impersonation can work with the user providing credentials, or without user credentials if you activate the SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication feature.

APOS Administrator & BI System Change Management

APOS Administrator provides the bulk operations you need to effect BI system change effectively and efficiently:

  • Database and Semantic Layer
    Changes to data sources impact report content. APOS Administrator gives you the ability to modify the affected content quickly and accurately through bulk operations.
  • Security
    Make bulk modifications to enforce security and maintain confidence in your BI system's security model.
  • Users
    Respond instantly to maintain and limit user access to content.
  • Report Object Properties
    Use bulk operations to object property modifications quickly and avoid negative impacts on the user community.
  • Report Schedules
    Use accurate, timely, bulk operations to correct schedules and maintain service level agreements with your user community.


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