APOS Data Gateway, Lumira Edition

The Lumira Edition of the APOS Data Gateway supports data discovery from an expanded range of trusted enterprise data sources, including data from any database or from blocks of data in Web Intelligence reports and report instances. The Lumira Edition provides this support through two key components:

  • Web Intelligence Connector
  • Direct Data Connector

APOS Trusted Data Source Connector

The APOS Trusted Data Source Connector lets you leverage the trusted data, data connections business rules of Web Intelligence reports and instances. This connector allows you to:

  • Inherit Web Intelligence¬† data connection options such as UNV,HANA, UNX, and BEx
  • Leverage the Web Intelligence calculation engine
  • Leverage existing Web Intelligence reports for shorter time to value
  • Use Web Intelligence instances to access pre-loaded and pre-calculated data

The value is clear: by using the APOS Trusted Data Source Connector with the APOS Data Gateway, you leverage the investment already made by your enterprise in the development of Web Intelligence -- all of the data connection options, and all of the data preparations and calculations. By leveraging these assets, you greatly shorten the amount of time it takes to realize value through your SAP Lumira data visualizations.

Direct Data Connector

The Direct Data Connector lets you connect to any relational database using either of the following connection types:

  • Dynamic connection - sending a SQL statement of your construction or choice to the database
  • Stored Query connnection - using a pre-configured query with parameters

The Direct Data Connector lets you acquire any data from any relational database and use aggregate queries to speed data acquisition.

APOS Data Gateway Server

All APOS Data Gateway connectors use another component, the APOS Data Gateway Server. The connectors reside on the desktop and the APOS Data Gateway Server connects, with authentication, and using SAP BusinessObjects SDKs, to the selected databases and/or Web Intelligence reports within the SAP BusinessIObjects environment.

APOS Data Gateway Lumira

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