Import data into SAP Analytics Cloud from non-SAP sources

without the SAC Cloud Connector


APOS Import Data Gateway expands, simplifies and unifies your data connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud. This middleware platform enables you to enrich SAC Planning with data imported from non-SAP sources, without the need to use the SAC Cloud Connector. Strategically move data in and out of SAC Planning from all supported sources and into target relational databases.

"Push" data from non-SAP data sources for import to SAP Analytics Cloud on a scheduled basis without the need for the SAC Cloud Connector. Load SAC Planning with data from sources such as Salesforce, Exasol, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics.


Expanded Import and Export Connectivity

Extend data source options

Extend data source options
for SAP Planning

Import from an extensive range of relational, OLAP, Hadoop and Cloud sources and files

Extract Planning Data

Extract SAP Planning data

Extract data out of SAC for Import into a wide range of relational data sources

Simplify data connection

Simplify data connection

Easy-to-configure and use alternative to the SAP Cloud Connector

Schedule Uploads

Schedule data imports

Ensure timely imports and appropriate data for SAC Planning and other Analytics applications

Full and delta uploads

Full and delta data uploads

Strong configuration options to control data load settings and import methods


Unified Data Management

Unify data management

Centrally manage and execute data imports and extracts across many sources


Extensive Strategic Data Source Support

APOS Import Data Gateway imports data with speed and consistency from an extensive range of relational, OLAP, Hadoop and Cloud sources, including specialized connectivity for Salesforce, CSV files in SharePoint, CSV files on your network.
See the full list of over 150 supported data sources

Extensive data source support

Bi-Directional Data Process

APOS Import Data Gateway enables bi-directional data processes, with import of data from non-SAP sources into SAP Analytics Cloud, and then return of enhanced SAC Planning data back to the non-SAP source – full cycle.  This bi-directional flow allows for the SAC Planning data to be incorporated into other organizational processes and analysis.

Bi-directional full cycle planning data


APOS Import Data Gateway
Bi-Directional Data Process

APOS Import Data Gateway Planning Cycle



APOS Import Data Gateway Architecture

APOS Import Data Gateway Architecture

Direct SAC Import connection

No SAP Cloud Connector/Agent required

  • Easy to deploy
  • Secure communication
  • Scheduled data uploads
  • Full or Delta data uploads
  • Field Mapping
  • Data Modelling


APOS Import Data Gateway Architecture

Direct Extract and Load of SAC data

  • Secure communication
  • Scheduled data exports
  • Extract SAC Planning data
    • Load into external database
    • Load into CSV file


Specialized connectivity needs for SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass and other Cloud applications or niche data sources? Click here to contact us for solutions.


Data Preparation Layer

Data Preparation Layer

The Data Preparation Layer of APOS Data Gateway enables important data transformation steps, and provides a semantic layer to simplify and streamline the data import processes.

Within the semantic layer, data views are created which define what data is exposed, manage table joins, and provide other data transformation options to optimize the process.  With these data attributes managed centrally in the semantic layer, the data import jobs can be quickly and easily built and scheduled for execution.




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