SAPInsider – BI, Analytics & SAP HANA 2020 Conference

When: March 17 – 19, 2020
Where: The Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

We are happy to be attending this conference again, and we look forward to seeing you there.

SAPInsider DART Hypothesis

One of the Drivers, Actions, Requirements, and Technologies (DART) hypotheses put forward by SAPInsider is meant to foster dicsussion of the impact of Cloud and SAP HANA on enterprise security strategy.

The APOS Live Data Gateway has been designed from the beginning to join your security strategy and your data connectivity requirements. This solution provides live connectivity between your SAP solutions and a wide variety of On-Premise and Cloud data sources.

If you are connecting SAP Analytics Cloud to an On-Premise data source, the APOS Live Data Gateway provides secure access to your data, and the On-Premise data remains behind the corporate firewall.

The APOS Live Data Gateway simplifies authentication and addresses Cloud security fully.

APOS BI & Analytics Solutions

Get acquainted with APOS solutions and strategies, and how we fit into the SAP Partner Ecosphere:

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About APOS

APOS ‘Well Managed BI & Analytics’ solutions simplify administration and management of SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud, providing expanded data connectivity options, automated administration, automated testing, auditing and monitoring, storage and recovery, and content publishing and distribution.

APOS data connectivity solutions provide expanded, simplified and unified data connectivity options across the SAP Solution landscape.

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