Manage S3

Upgrade Smart

Knowledge and awareness is the first step in an effective upgrade process. It is critical that you understand your SAP BI system, with a strong emphasis on the content, structure, users, and usage patterns of the pre-upgrade system. With that understanding you can establish your plans for a smooth and effective upgrade. APOS solutions give you deep and granular system knowledge and the actionable information you need to upgrade your BI system.

Upgrade Strong

Strength is key to an efficient upgrade process. Upgrading your SAP BI system means transitioning your system and its content to a new state. This transition process requires many direct and indirect execution and control activities, which can be very taxing to organizational resources. APOS solutions provide automation to speed execution timelines, contain resource challenges, and give you the robust capabilities you need to apply the actionable information you have gained.

Upgrade Safe

When the BI system and its content is in transition it brings risk – unintended system changes, mistranslations, loss of content, human errors. Methods and controls are needed to reduce risks, protect assets, and guard the integrity of the post-upgrade system. APOS solutions provide the facilities needed to safeguard the BI assets and stabilize the upgrade process.


  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced risk
  • Greater control over your BI environment

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