Business Objects System Metrics - APOS Insight Lite

APOS Insight Lite provides SAP Business Objects system metrics for objects, schedules and instances, and enables report processing window analysis. Use slice-in-time views of your SAP Business Objects deployment to gather complete inventories and statistics.

APOS Insight Lite is a subset of the services found in the APOS Insight Advanced Solution, a full-featured system metrics, performance analytics, and system planning solution for SAP Business Objects. Contact APOS for more information. Insight Lite is offered as an ideal starting point for companies seeking to understand, streamline and optimize their Business Objects deployments. With APOS Insight Lite, organizations can clearly understand the status of key building blocks in their Business Objects system.

Business Objects Object Metrics

Inventory all objects, including report objects, user group objects, folders, categories, and business view objects. Use object data to compare historical folder/object structures from different points in time.

Business Objects Schedule Metrics

Inventory all report schedules within the system. Use schedule data to determine peak server usage as a step toward optimizing server performance.

Business Objects Instance Metrics

Inventory all report instances within the system. Use instance data to determine report usage patterns. Know which reports are used the most, and which are rarely used.

Business Objects Report Processing Window Analysis

Look at the processing activity for a particular time and day. Compare that processing activity with other times and days to form a picture of bursts, if they exist.

APOS Insight Lite gives you the basic Business Objects system metrics tools you need to understand and optimize your deployment, and to prepare for system planning exercises.

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