Report Bursting for SAP BusinessObjects -
Bursting Manager

The APOS Publisher Bursting Manager module provides complete report bursting capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects.

This advanced report bursting engine lets you:

  • Slice information using parameters/prompts, filters, or selection formulas
  • Burst highly flexible and customizable documents using the key SAP BusinessObjects content types, including Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, report packages and any combination of these
  • Load dynamic lists of parameters and values

Bursting Manager gives you the flexibility and agility you need to meet all of your organization's report bursting needs, from the most simple to the most complex.

  • Complex Report Bursting
  • Complex report bursting requirements frequently include:
    • Multiple report instances
    • Multiple batches and queues running in parallel and/or according to dependencies
    • A wide variety of data sources
    • Absolute control over delivery protocols
    • Comprehensive monitoring functionality that monitors and logs the process
    • Alerts concerning the status of the process

Bursting Manager's advanced report bursting engine lets you:

  • Burst in queues or batches
  • Work with a variety of reports within each bursting queue
  • Operate multiple bursting queues in parallel within your SAP BusinessObjects environment
  • Create a hierarchical structure of record requests within batches, collections, and projects to structure and control bursting jobs
  • Log all bursting activities for a comprehensive audit trail of your publishing

This advanced report bursting engine makes it possible to use your SAP BusinessObjects platform for new and increased line-of-business information delivery requirements, and to take over legacy information delivery functions (such as statement generation), from older platforms.