Report Distribution for SAP BusinessObjects

The Distribution Server module of the APOS Publisher solution provides enhanced report distribution for SAP BusinessObjects.

The APOS Publisher solution's Distribution Server module provides post-processing, such as encryption and other special export options and destinations.

Distribution Server uses regular SAP BusinessObjects scheduling functionality, but adds settings and custom properties to achieve more distribution flexibility.

Report Distribution to Multiple Locations

Use Distribution Server to distribute instances to many different destination types simultaneously, including:

  • Printer (multiple simultaneously)
  • Network file location
  • Email as attachment
  • Email as content
  • FTP
  • Secure Shell FTP
  • Content management system

Secure Report Distribution

Distribution Server provides several levels of security:

  • Standard: password protected Zip files, PDF files (128-bit encryption), Excel spreadsheets, Word documents
  • Enhanced: APIs for custom encryption
  • Advanced: SSL Certificate based security

Content Management System Integration

Distribution Server's report distribution functionality is also the key to integration with numerous enterprise content management systems for even wider information accessibility.

Attach your SAP BusinessObjects reports to your content management workflows to create complete intelligence packages. Attached reports include metadata such as source, parameters, ownership, and other lineage information to document information provenance.

The Distribution Server module of APOS Publisher integrates SAP BusinessObjects with a number of content management systems, including:

  • Content Manager (formerly
  • SharePoint
  • Open Text

SAP BusinessObjects Report Distribution

The Distribution Server module of the APOS Publisher solution provides the enhanced report distribution for SAP BusinessObjects you need to meet the growing line-of-business information distribution need in your organization.