Thursday, October 15, 2020

APOS Administrator Use Case – Financial Technology

Using APOS Administrator to Automate SAP BusinessObjects Report Scheduling & Distribution


A leading solution provider in the home equity lending and loan servicing industry uses SAP BusinessObjects to schedule and send timely reports internally and to their customer financial institutions. They needed to find ways to automate and monitor report scheduling and take remedial action when necessary to ensure the timely and accurate flow of information to stakeholders.

APOS Administrator Use Case - Financial Technology


  • Create and manage recurring schedules
    They needed to simplify their daily management of recurring schedules.
  • Catalog, manage and promote objects
    They needed to catalog objects for complete control of their reporting assets and change management processes.
  • Monitor the status of report instances
    They needed to track the status of instances to ensure timely delivery and the ability to perform remedial actions.
  • Establish and maintain stakeholder confidence
    They needed seamless delivery of timely information to ensure stakeholders and customers remain confident in the workflows and quality of the information.

Solution: APOS Administrator

This organization selected APOS Administrator build and manage their recurring report schedules, manage report objects, monitor the success or failure of report instances, and perform remedial actions when necessary. APOS Administrator provides:

  • Rapid system administration
    Administrator lets them automate and simplify maintenance, management and promotion of objects, object settings and preferences in bulk.
  • Agile change management
    Administrator gives them the ability to manage the SAP BusinessObjects environment’s security structure in bulk and automates other large-scale system changes.
  • Automation of repetitive activities
    Administrator enables their administrators and line-of-business power users to simplify and automate administrative tasks such as high-volume scheduling and rescheduling (with or without changes).
  • Rapid recovery from failures
    Administrator lets their BI teams Identify failures, correct issues in bulk and re-run schedules with changes in bulk to recover rapidly and meet service level agreements.
  • Strong governance and controls on information
    Administrator’s centralized bulk management of users, user groups, security, limits, preferences, and SAP BusinessObjects application security gives them strong data governance at the operational level.


“APOS Administrator is used daily to automate the SAP BusinessObjects reporting processes in this customer deployment, and provides assurance of the timely delivery of accurate information to internal and external stakeholders. In the words of the BI Team leader in describing APOS Administrator - ‘I love it.’ Administrator has eliminated many manual processes for this BI Team, greatly reducing the possibility of human error, and helping to ensure effective, efficient and accurate SAP BusinessObjects reporting.”
Cathy Ramsli, Account Manager, APOS