Tuesday, November 16, 2021

SAP Analytics Cloud – What Is Broadcasting?

Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing with APOS Publisher for Cloud

“Broadcasting” is a term which is not always used precisely. How you define it will naturally depend on your organization’s requirements. For our purposes, the working definition of broadcasting in the context of SAP Analytics Cloud is “a data driven process for generation and delivery of report content that is customized for each targeted consumer.” This process is also often known as bursting.

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can schedule a story to send to a single recipient, or to multiple recipients, but these scenarios may be considered broadcasting, but not by our working definition, because they are not particularly data driven. These processes simply send the same report to one or more people. Look at the illustration below to see a scenario that does fit the working definition of broadcasting:

SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting

In this scenario, the same report is scheduled, but what is sent to each recipient is tailored to their needs by the data used to drive the broadcasting process in APOS Publisher for Cloud.

Watch the video below for an account of how data-driven broadcasting differs from scheduling.

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