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Automate UNX & Web Intelligence Migration – Use Cases

Using APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence for bulk conversion and report repointing

In an earlier post, we discussed the benefits of migrating your UNV universes to UNX universes, and in recent webinar, we looked at some of the business drivers for accomplishing this migration sooner rather than later. Among these business drivers are:

  • Upgrades to the SAP BusinessObjects platform
  • Ongoing universe development taking advantage of UNX features
  • Adoption of the SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition (PCE)
  • Database version support

These business drivers can create a major challenge for organizations with a large volume of content.

Watch this video for a summary of these drivers:

The UNX universe was introduced in 2014 with the release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, but adoption has been slowed somewhat because of continued support for UNV universes. However, as non-SAP data assets evolve, they frequently deprecate UNV universe connectivity, forcing organizations to reconsider this upgrade progress.

SAP has always made it clear that the UNX universe is the future direction of SAP BusinessObjects, and while UNV universes are supported in the Private Cloud Edition, it is unclear for how long this will remain true. Moving to PCE is an excellent reason to consider upgrading your UNV universes to UNX.

Automating UNX Universe Adoption – Use Cases

The APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence module of APOS Administrator automates the process of converting UNV universes to UNX universes and repointing Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universes. See how this process worked in the following use cases.

Use Case 1 – US Division 1 University Customer Scenario

A major US university with 80 UNV universes and 50,000 Web Intelligence reports needed to convert to UNX universes as part of their upgrade to Oracle 19c.

Use Case 2 – Global Technology Manufacturer Customer Scenario

A global technology manufacturer with 250,000 Web Intelligence needed to convert their universes to UNX and repoint Web Intelligence reports on an aggressive timeline as part of their migration away from a legacy data warehouse to Snowflake Data Warehouse in the Cloud.

Use Case 3 – SAP BusinessObjects Version 4.2 and Higher Customer Scenario

See how a customer used a mapping strategy with APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence to build new UNX universes from their existing UNV universes.

These use cases were originally explored in our Fast Forward Your BI: Automate WebI UNX Migration for Database Upgrades & More webinar, originally webcast November 18, 2021.

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