Thursday, July 23, 2020

Hybrid Bursting - Merging SAP BI & SAC Content

APOS Publisher for Cloud provides advanced story bursting for SAP Analytics Cloud, following in the long tradition of APOS Publisher, which provides advanced bursting capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects.

Both APOS Publisher and APOS Publisher for Cloud fulfill all of the core needs for BI & Analytics Publishing:
  • Filtered, individualized report content
  • Merged report content
  • Targeted delivery of content
  • Secure delivery of content
  • Automated, data driven process
  • Conditional Bursting

In addition, you can use these solutions together to enable Hybrid bursting.
In a recent webinar, we showed how this works.

As many of our clients are moving toward a hybrid BI landscape, demand is growing for the ability to combine the burst data from both SAP BusinessObjects and SAC into one output for bursting recipients.

In this image, we see the SAP BusinessObjects report content on the left, and the SAP Analytics story on the right:

Hybrid bursting can take, for example, a Web Intelligence report from your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, combine it with a story from your SAP Analytics Cloud deployment, and consolidate them in a single PDF document.

By using the consolidation capabilities of APOS Publisher, we are able to specify that either PDF or XLS documents should be added to the consolidated report package, either at the beginning or at the end.

Questions? You can make a Solution Inquiry on the APOS website, or call your APOS Account Manager.

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