Getting personalized analytics to the right people, at the right time, in the right format

APOS Publisher for SAP Analytics Cloud automates processes for bursting personalized SAP Analytics Cloud stories to end users. Dynamic, security driven processes with strict filters provide SAP Analytics broadcasting capabilities and help administrators ensure users receive only the data to which they are entitled.

Unified Data Connectivity

Personalized Data

Simplifying user experience with offline consumption of the filtered and personalized data they need

Universal Semantic Layer

Targeted Distribution

Dynamic, data driven process provides customized analytics exclusively to the people who need it, when they need it

Governed Data Connectivity

Strategic Timing

Tailored reports delivered at strategic times for maximum impact on decision making and job execution

Universal Semantic Layer

Tailored Format

Consumers receive the information they need in the convenient and specific format they require for immediate use, removing connection barriers

Governed Data Connectivity

Reduced IT Burden

Low maintenance, automated data driven process can meet rapidly changing information process needs without burdening users or IT resources

Self-Service Data Modelling

Dynamic Flexibility

Handle unique and changing scenarios, control and change filtering and distribution by controlling the data which drives the process

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APOS Publisher for Cloud Overview

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APOS Publisher for Cloud - Professional Edition does not include these features.

For these features, please see APOS Publisher for Cloud - Enterprise Edition

IT Processing Features

Secure Collaboration

Multiple broadcast designers can securely collaborate on content and safely share data sources

Enhanced Security

Create individual user profiles and define groups to segregate users across business units and sub-units, with specific access roles to folders.

Shared & Private Folders

Public folders enable authorized user groups to collaborate in building bursting definitions and broadcasting content. Private folders allow individuals to build their own bursting definitions for either personal use or in preparation for sharing with a group.

Shared & Private Data Sources

Data sources contain information such as email addresses, filter values, destinations & format settings, SAC story IDs and model names, dimension names, which are used to drive the bursting process. Data sources can be made public and shared with an authorized group, or kept private for personal use, or in preparation for sharing with a group.

BW User-Based Broadcasting

Automatically broadcast BW-based stories based on BW authorizations on behalf of BW users while retaining their authorizations. Also available to support other live data sources.

Upcoming Features

  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Self Service Publishing




Scalability enables extensive growth capacity, and yeilds increased throughput and redundancy for a true enterprise experience.

Horizontal and Vertical Scalability

Strenghten a processing machine with additional RAM and cores to increase your processing capability, or add additional processing and scheduling servers for even more capacity and additional redundancy for the process..

Enhanced Scheduling

Scheduling is tightly integrated with granular tracking of processing activity, auditing, and monitoring of the scheduling activity with great control over the process and failure recovery.

Granular Monitoring

Live, granular monitoring of the schedule execution provides indication of the exact stage of processing of the broadacsting definition and live running total of the sent documents within the broadcast process.

Logging and History

Full audit information for the broadcast process is provided, with the automatic ability for retries.

Upcoming Feature

  • Self Service Publishing


IT Processing Features

Personalize Bursting

Personalize information distribution with data-driven processes. For example, burst personalized stories to doctors, nurses and administrators to provide timely, critical information. Send oil rig workers low-bandwidth, ready-to-use, scheduled information updates.

Simplify Administration

Liberate IT from labor-intensive processes.

Create a Flexible Messaging Environment

Attain far greater flexibility than you can with simple scheduling.

Burst Stories with Multiple Filters

Use the same page within an SAP Analytics Cloud story multiple times with different filters to personalize content for users and groups.

Automate Secure Information Delivery

Dynamic, data-driven processes allow you to automate the secure delivery of messages.

Automate Changes through Data

Adjust bursting automatically when the data driving the bursting processes changes.

End User Features

Simplify the User Experience

Remove barriers to connection, and liberate users from the need for analytics expertise.

Deliver Timely Information

Deliver timely information through automated bursting processes.

Burst Conditionally

Enable conditional bursting based on KPIs and pre-defined thresholds.

Improve User Convenience

Enable offline consumption of information.

Collate Stories

Burst pages from multiple stories as a single document.

Formatting Features

Use Multiple Formats & Destinations

Provide information to users in the format and to the location that is most useful to them. For example, send Excel spreadsheets to users who need to further analyze data. Send PDFs via email to external partners having no access to your SAP Analytics Cloud platform.

Formats include:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • Image in email

Destinations Include:

  • Email
  • Secure FTP (FTPS)
  • File location

Personalize PowerPoint Bursting

Use custom templates for bursting PowerPoint presentations.

Customize HTML Email Bursting

Gain full control of email message formatting, including dynamically generated links.

Embed Images in Email

Embed images of pages from your story into the body of email messages.

Extract Data to Excel

Enable downloading large tables/grids to Excel.

BEx Broadcasting Replacement

Replacing BEx Broadcasting for SAP BW/4HANA

BEx Reports and BEx Broadcaster capabilities are not available in SAP BW/4HANA. APOS Publisher for Cloud provides a replacement for BEx broadcasting workflows, enabling important communications to continue, and allowing organizations to distribute reports to a wide variety of users, partners and customers as part of their move to SAP BW/4HANA. Learn more


Developing a BEx Broadcasting Replacement Strategy

Extend SAP Analytics access and replace BEx Broadcaster for BW/4HANA workflows.

Download now

Whitepaper: BEx Broadcasting Replacement
APOS Publisher for Cloud Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Broadcasting/Bursting Features    
Dynamic Filters/Variables
Customized Page Formatting
Burst SAC Stories
Burst SAC Analytical Applications
Burst Import Data Connection Reports
Burst Live Data Connection Reports
BW User-based broadcasting  
Other DB User-based broadcasting  
Customized HTML Email Bursting
Multi-Option Distribution
Multi-Report Content Consolidation
Secure Distribution
Instance Creation
Recycle Bin  
Distribution Destinations    
Email (report as attachment)
Email (report in email body)
Network File Location
Distribution Formats    
Use of Excel/PPT templates
Burst Scheduling using Task Scheduler
Built-in Scheduling  
Advanced Scheduling Control  
Provisional Bursting
Conditional Bursting  
Email Alerting and Notifications
Local User Only  
Ability to Create Local Groups  
Ability to Create Public/Private Folders  
Shared Public/Private Data Sources  
Custom Access Rights  
User/Machine Controlled Login Access  
Administration Management Console  
Deployment Architecture    
Single-Server Configuration Only  
Multi-Server Configuration (if needed)  
Network Configuration Requirements  
Production Server Sizing Recommendations  
Distributed Processing Servers  
Scheduling Server  
Vertical and Horizontal Scalability  

Learn more about: APOS Publisher for Cloud - Enterprise Edition

Precision Drilling

Our SAP Analytics Cloud deployment focused on the reports that needed to be in place on our Go-Live date. We used SAC to populate dashboards with drill-down capabilities for execution and middle management, but we needed to find a way to get this information out reliably to our field superintendents. APOS Publisher for Cloud easily filled this gap in our requirements.

Chris James, Senior Manager, Application Technology, Precision Drilling

WR Grace

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Solution Architecture

APOS Publisher for Cloud Architecture

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Why Bursting Is Important

APOS Publisher for Cloud bursting uses automated, dynamic, data-driven processes to push personalized SAP Analytics Cloud content out to the appropriate people at the appropriate time in appropriate formats and to appropriate destinations. Bursting ensures that your people get the timely information they need (and only the information they need) to excel in their work. Bursting enables scenarios in which personalized analytics information can be consumed offline in the formats most useful to the recipients. Bursting removes barriers to connection and simplifies the user experience: users do not need power-user expertise in analytics to get the information they need when they need it.

Bursting is low maintenance, because it is data driven. You can “set it and forget it,” because as the data driving the processes changes, the bursting process adjusts automatically. Bursting accomplishes far more than scheduling by serving personalized tranches of information. Scheduling pushes information to a static list of users, and scheduling changes are labor- and time-intensive. Achieving bursting’s dynamic flexibility would be prohibitively labor- and time-intensive if attempted with scheduling.

APOS Publisher for Cloud bursting is doubly liberating: it relieves IT of labor-intensive processes, and it relieves users of the need to search for information – information comes to them.



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