Curative BI - SAP BusinessObjects Automation

If the majority of your resources' time is spent on remedial action -- addressing issues raised by information consumers and their managers -- then you are stuck at the Curative BI level in the APOS Capability Maturity Model. Your resources don't have time to prevent tomorrow's problems properly or work on new ways to make your SAP BusinessObjects platform serve your enterprise information consumers thoroughly.

To reclaim your BI resources, you have to enable them to escape the labor-intensive administrative cycle in which they are trapped, and that requires the ability to handle high volumes of administrative activities through automation. This automation will also allow your BI deployment to scale more easily.

All SAP BusinessObjects administrators will recognize one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Multiple objects need to be promoted from a development or test environment to production.
  • Preferences need to be changed for multiple users or groups.
  • Failed instances need to be edited and rescheduled.
  • Database passwords change, and must be updated on all objects.

An SAP BusinessObjects administrator could spend a day working on these issues, or she could use APOS Administrator and be done in less than an hour.

APOS Administrator simplifies, automates, complements and enhances the administrative capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects, taking you beyond curative BI to preventive BI, and finally to progressive BI. It reduces the occurrence of human error, and provides the agility and flexibility to meet the changing needs of information consumers. The APOS Administrator solution gives you SAP BusinessObjects automation, creating value through new operational efficiencies..