Progressive BI

When you begin to explore the possibilities of Progressive BI, you will see that there are no limits on how your well managed BI platform can help your company' achieve its strategic objectives. When you have escaped the curative aspects and embraced the preventive aspects of platform management, you will be doing more with less. But the real objective of progressive BI is simply to do more — more for your enterprise and more for your information consumers, increasing the ROI on your BI platform and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

When you're stuck in curative BI mode, your resources spend most of their time fixing problems after they've already occurred, inconvenienced your information consumers, and hurt your business. When you've advanced beyond curative BI to preventive BI, you've begun to establish a stable, robust, well managed BI platform from which to launch progressive BI initiatives.

Progressive BI Initiatives

Common progressive BI platform management initiatives include:

  • New ROI opportunities for your current BI investment and deployment
  • High performance tuning
  • New departmental deployments
  • New content creation & deployment
  • Leverage new version capabilities
  • Advanced document and statement processing

APOS Solutions for Progressive BI

Publishing for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Publisher is a complete SAP BusinessObjects publishing solution, providing robust bursting management, post-processing distribution service, report package management, and assured delivery to extend SAP BusinessObjects capabilities. Publisher automates these tasks while providing personalized reporting to your information consumers.

Execute tightly controlled document production, publishing and distribution workflows with APOS Publisher's:

  • Advanced bursting engine
  • Automated document production
  • Workflow monitoring, alerts and auditing
  • Interactive process control
  • Assured delivery to external devices, auto recovery, partial burst reruns
  • Enhanced distribution, encryption & integration

Archive, Backup, Selective Restore for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Storage Center automates the archive and restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, helping you to manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, achieve regulatory compliance, and safely migrate document instances between SAP BusinessObjects deployments. Storage Center also offers online and offline storage capabilities, letting you balance disk space, performance and audit requirements.

Why Progressive Business Intelligence?

Take the enterprise perspective on your business intelligence platform:

  • Your BI system presents the single consistent view of your enterprise's business-critical information, and should be at the center of your enterprise's information strategy.
  • Leveraging your BI investment to replace legacy applications with state-of-the-art information technology increases your platform's return on investment (ROI) and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increasing the efficiency of your administrators and business analysts is a worthwhile exercise in human capital management (HCM).
  • Fine-tuning your BI platform improves your enterprise performance management (EPM) capabilities, and allows you to be agile and flexible in response to changing enterprise needs.