Preventive BI -
SAP BusinessObjects Monitoring and Auditing

Preventive BI is a very large category, because SAP BusinessObjects is a complex system. Achieving visibility of system operations and functions is a challenging proposition. APOS well managed BI solutions can provide this system visibility, providing deep system knowledge through SAP BusinessObjects monitoring and auditing.

To achieve the preventive BI level of the APOS capability maturity model, you have to start actively resolving issues before they become problems for your information consumers. To do this, you need deep knowledge of your BI platform — its infrastructure, processes, and services. Actionable information leads to informed action.

The preventive aspect is about making sure that, once fixed, your administrative processes stay fixed. To achieve this, you need to empower your BI technologists with deep knowledge of the system. This knowledge will allow them to resolve issues and solve problems before they become issues and problems for your information consumers. To achieve advanced business intelligence, your BI technologists need advanced intelligence on your BI system.

APOS Solutions for Preventive BI

Introspective Auditing, Advanced Platform & Instance Monitoring

Use APOS Insight to monitor and analyze SAP BusinessObjects statistics and services, establish thresholds for alerts, and define automated remedial actions. Insight's enhanced metadata management and audit functionality complements SAP's native functionality.

APOS Insight provides both statistical and functional analysis of all SAP BusinessObjects' services, issues threshold-driven alerts, and initiates automated remedial activities. Insight helps administrators and platform managers maintain the reliability of SAP BusinessObjects, and confidence in the quality of your business intelligence.

Monitor, Manage, Audit SAP BusinessObjects Queries

The multi-threaded Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) logs BI query metadata to achieve tight integration between SAP BusinessObjects and numerous data sources. IDAC lets you know who is doing what, where and when. You can actively monitor queries and cancel them remotely. You can set up automatic monitoring and query cancellation based on thresholds.