Enhanced Audit & Metadata Management
for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Insight provides enhanced metadata management for SAP BusinessObjects to help you achieve deep system introspection. APOS Insight creates and logs metadata for your system so you can:

  • Assess your license usage over time
  • Analyze historical activity levels for each component
  • Review future processing requirements based on report schedules
  • Assess the processing time of specific reports over time
  • Assess processing success vs. failure rates for specific reports over time
  • Analyze specific user login activity over time
  • Analyze who is running which reports and when
  • Analyze all user & group security settings over time
  • Plan migration scenarios

Enhanced Metadata Management

APOS Insight enhances SAP BusinessObjects MDM and Audit capabilities. While MDM delivers a chronological account of activities and events, APOS Insight runs a set of services in parallel to deliver a snapshot, or slice in time, of your system, enabling you to analyze components comparatively over time.

Included in these snapshots are:

  • System status snapshots—current load and activity levels of all SAP BusinessObjects components;
  • System structure snapshots—current information about servers, users, user groups, folders, reports, etc.; and
  • Report design snapshots—current information about the report design content of all your reports.

Enhanced Audit

APOS Insight improves access to the SAP BusinessObjects log by capturing log information, de-normalizing it, and loading it into topical tables for easy reporting.

APOS Insight provides a rich view of the system by taking snapshots of system information at specified times and intervals and posting them to an accessible database structure for subsequent analysis. Each snapshot shows a detailed picture of system components and objects.

Because APOS Insight combines log data with the wealth of data captured by KPI's snapshots, it provides a much broader picture of the transactions occurring within your SAP BusinessObjects system, allowing you to make informed decisions concerning licensing, migration, and many other issues.

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