Blanket Instance Monitoring for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Insight provides blanket instance monitoring for SAP BusinessObjects.

SAP BusinessObjects instance failures can be attributed to many causes, including human error, but a failure may also be symptomatic of larger problems, such as a failed service or server. In such cases, you need to know about the existing or impending problems immediately.

APOS Insight informs administrators of the instance failure, and copies the error message in the notification, permitting proactive action. Instead of coming in Monday morning to find out large batches have failed, you are notified in a timely manner and can fix the problem before it interferes with business activities.

Individual Instance Montioring vs. Blanket Monitoring

SAP BusinessObjects lets you set email notifications on a report-by-report basis, but it is not a blanket monitoring and notification system.

APOS Insight lets you set email notifications on a report-by-report basis as well, but you can also use Instance Monitor to develop a detailed configuration strategy for a blanket monitoring and notification system.

For each instance failure, someone in IT will be notified. The administrator receives a digest of failures and can scan through the digest to see what kinds of error messages are being generated, and decide how best to deal with them.

Notifications via Email, Windows Event Log

APOS Insight sends notifications via email, or by raising an event in the Windows event log. The notification contains valuable administrative information about the failed report, including:

  • Report instance ID
  • Report location
  • Report name
  • Report instance start time
  • Report instance end time
  • Parameter values used
  • Selection criteria used
  • Error message
  • Error details

APOS Insight enables a blanket instance monitoring strategy to help you ensure your SAP BusinessObjects reports reach the right people at the right time.

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