Virtualized connectivity to SAP Ariba data for SAP Analytics Cloud and many others

APOS Live Data Gateway for Ariba integrates with SAP Ariba solutions and delivers virtualized connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to data from SAP Ariba.  With Live Data Gateway for Ariba, SAP Analytics Cloud users are able to access Ariba Data to address analytical reporting needs in the areas of contract workspaces, external approvals, procurement operational reporting, sourcing operational reporting, spend analysis, and supplier data.

Live mode connection to premium data sources

Simplified self-service BI

A unified semantic layer removes the complexity of the SAP Ariba data structures, which enables easier report creation by a broader range of users

Data never leaves the firewall

Pre-built analytics extractions

Live Data Gateway provides predefined SAP Ariba data extraction options for fast time to value

Unified Semantic Layer

Optimized data access & processing

Minimize stress on the SAP Ariba system, while dramatically enhancing performance with optimized, efficient query responses for SAP Analytics Cloud and other consumers

Unified Semantic Layer

Aggregate multiple application sources

Leverage data combined from multiple sources blended into a single broad, enriched, comprehensive business view of your SAP Ariba data

Unified Semantic Layer

Customizable analytics extractions

Expand on pre-built processes to customize data extractions using an interactive UI to explore SAP Ariba data

Data never leaves the firewall

Governed self-service BI

The unified semantic layer also enables controls over what SAP Ariba data is exposed to report creators


Introducing APOS Live Data Gateway for Ariba


Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Ariba with Live Data Gateway

Creating a Unified Semantic Layer – APOS Views

APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba provides a simplified, consistent, and governed connection point into your data through the APOS Unified Semantic Layer provided by APOS Views. This simplified data connection process enables easier report, dashboard and story creation by a broader range of users with governed connections.

APOS Views provide a semantic layer between your SAP Ariba or other enterprise data sources and your SAP solutions, allowing you to establish measures and dimensions centrally, control and govern what data is exposed, address table links and joins, and apply meaningful business names to alias your data field names. The simplified data connection process enables easier report, dashboard and story creation by a broader range of users.


API Extraction Engine

LDG-A delivers prebuilt extraction processes, but is also flexible enough to allow users to build custom data extraction processes to meet their expanded needs. The simplified API extraction UI facilitates a "no code required" build process to customize extraction processes, while built-in automation allows the extractions to run on a schedule.


Caching Repository

The caching repository provided by Live Data Gateway for Ariba optimizes the data connection to your SAP Ariba system. It enables improved analyitcs performance using the cached data while reducing the impact on the SAP Ariba application API access point, and allows caching of data from multiple API access points for a broader view of the business. It includes a calculation engine and is scalable to unlimited size. Use the internal caching mechanism or extract the data to an external cache of your choice.



Live mode connection to SAP Ariba data

Access SAP Ariba through live mode connection. APOS Live Data Gateway for Ariba also supports connections to other specialty applications such as SAP Concur, Fieldglass, SuccessFactors, and other Cloud applications with exposed APIs.

Data never leaves the firewall

Control the data flow as with other live sources, keeping it securely behind the firewall without the limitations of acquiring data into the cloud.

Data Consumption Methods

Use APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba's live data connectivity and data consumption methods to make your enterprise data sources available to your SAP solutions:

  • OData Data Consumption
  • ODBC Data Consumption
  • JDBC Data Consumption

Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway live data connectivity & data consumption methods...

APOS Live Data Gateway for Ariba Architecture
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Live Data Connectivity Architecture

Live Data Connectivity for Ariba Architecture

Importing data

Although our solution is called the APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba, it is equally adept at serving data so that it can be used with your SAP solution databases to address the requirements of both BI planning and predictive scenarios. This data can also make use of the Unified Semantic Layer to make the data available consistently to all target solutions.

Freehand SQL Queries

Build your own freehand SQL queries. Test, save and share your queries so that your team can build reports, dashboards, and data transfer processes against them. APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba gives you maximum flexibility to access your data and increase self-serve capabilities.

Extensive Data Source Support Options Available

In addition to the strategic SAP application connectivity, APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba allows access to an extensive list of data. See the full list of over 150 supported data sources

Extensive data source support


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