Complement SAP S/4HANA Analytics with non-SAP data sources


APOS Live Data Gateway for S/4HANA solution expands, simplifies and unifies your data connectivity for SAP S/4HANA.  This middleware platform provides virtualized data connectivity which enables live data connectivity to a vast range of non-SAP data sources. With Live Data Gateway, you can leverage the unique benefits of a live data connection in SAP S/4HANA including your valuable non-SAP data.

Maximize value by leveraging your data both for analytics and business processes through one connection.


Expanded Live Data Connectivity


APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP S/4HANA includes all of the features of APOS Live Data Gateway, plus these special features:


Live data access

Live Data Access

Leverage and bring non-SAP big data into your business processes or S/4HANA analytics (Google BigQuery/Snowflake/Azure Datalake, etc.)
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Import data

Import Data Access

Import non-SAP data for use in your business processes or S/4HANA analytics
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WR Grace

This APOS solution was extremely easy to deploy, simplifying the process of connecting to Google BigQuery and our other data sources. We were also pleased with live data connecting using the APOS Live Data Gateway because it kept all data within the corporate firewall for an added level of security.

Sunil Kumar, SAP Enterprise Architect, WR Grace

WR Grace

WR Grace Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Analytics Cloud

W.R. Grace established direct data connectivity in live mode to Oracle, SQL Server and Google BigQuery for more informed analytics - Read more

Performance with Large Data Sets

In today's data landscapes it is critical that there is strong processing performance for large and growing data environments including Cloud and Big Data platforms. Live Data Gateway has been designed to thrive with such scenarios. See how the APOS Live Data Gateway performs with large data sets in Snowflake (288 billion rows - 10TB data set) and Google BigQuery (196 million rows)

Extensive Data Source Support

APOS Live Data Gateway for S/4HANA serves data with speed and consistency from an extensive range of relational, OLAP, Hadoop and Cloud sources.
See the full list of over 150 supported data sources

Extensive data source support


Europe-Based Retail Chains Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Analytics Cloud

Live data access to Snowflake Data Cloud from SAP Analytics Cloud
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Multinational Construction Equipment Manufacturer Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway

Live Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, Google Analytics, Salesforce data
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Overview of Live Data Gateway


Data Consumption Flow

Data consumption flow image


Thought Leadership


MIND THE GAP: Expanding Data Access Options to Open SAP Analytics Opportunities

Expand and transform data connectivity to include all pertinent data sources in your Analytics.

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Unlocking the Value of Data with APOS Live Data Gateway
Futurum Research

Leveraging data is an imperative, but we also know that it has its challenges, such as managing data from disparate sources.

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Expand, simplify and unify your data connectivity

94% of organizations need access to multiple data sources to support effective decision-making. Virtualized data connectivity is a timely, exciting solution.

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Data Connection Architecture

APOS Live Data Gateway Architecture
APOS Live Data Gateway Architecture


Live Data Connectivity & Data Consumption Methods

Live Data Gateway Functional Layers:

Data Virtualization Layer

Data Virtualization Layer

The Data Virtualization layer of Live Data Gateway is the connection point into the many data sources that are supported - Cloud Data, Relational Data, OLAP Data, Hadoop Data, Applications (On-Premise and Cloud).  All connectivity is managed through this single virtualized data connection point, meaning that no database drivers or other connections mechanisms are required by any consuming application or user environment, instead Live Data Gateway manages all of these connection details.  The primary connection protocol is JDBC, however connection via OData, XMLA, JSON, REST, and API is also supported.

Data Preparation Layer

Data Preparation Layer

The Data Preparation Layer of Live Data Gateway enables important data transformation steps, and provides a simplified semantic layer for business users to easily navigate data and be shielded from the complexities of the underlying data structures.  This semantic layer produces very strong benefits for both self-service analytics and self-service modelling.

Within the semantic layer, data views are created which define what data should be exposed, define measures and dimensions, manage data linking complexities, and rename data fields to meaningful business terms.  With these data complexities managed centrally, the end users of the semantic layer can quickly and easily build reports and visualizations, all while the strong data control and governance mechanism is protecting against inappropriate data access.

Three types of data views can be utilized within the Data Preparation Layer:

    • Semantic Layer View – non-technical users can select tables and fields and joins in APOS Live Data Gateway’s Web UI
    • Freehand SQL View – technical users can create views based on SQL queries in APOS Live Data Gateway’s Web UI
    • OLAP View – create a subset of existing measures and dimensions from an OLAP cube data source in APOS Live Data Gateway’s Web UI
Data Consumption Layer

Data Consumption Layer

The Data Consumption layer enables the communication of data requests into Live Data Gateway and the serving of the requested data. The simplified view into your data created in the data preparation layer allows for consumers to easily understand the data in business terms. Being able to consume data presented in business terms is a strong enabler of self-service. The semantic data of Live Data Gateway is served for consumption by SAP Analytics Cloud through the SAP Native protocol, but can also be consumed via OData, JDBC and ODBC.


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Specialty Mineral Leader Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway

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