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NLMK Europe — APOS Customer Success

NLMK Europe is a steel producer that employs almost 2,000 people at production facilities in Belgium, Denmark, France and Italy with an annual production capacity of 3.1 million tonnes of value-added steel products per year. They focus on processing steel close to customers in the automotive, shipbuilding, construction and energy-production industries.


NLMK started working with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in  2018. With growth in demand for reporting by internal users, NLMK needed to establish a publishing strategy with SAP Analytics Cloud. Specifically, their sales Back-office needed a view of ready-to-ship product information for each customer. They needed to broadcast that information to customers in a timely manner and in preferred formats to give the customers an overview of the product to expect and to confirm shipping arrangements. They had been using static lists generated by their manufacturing system as PDF files, but their customers had expressed a preference for Excel spreadsheets that would allow them to work with the provided information and prepare them for presentations.

APOS Customer Success - NLMK Europe

NLMK Europe – “Push” Publishing with APOS Publisher for Cloud

  • “Push” Publishing
    With widely distributed management and facilities, NLMK needs to broadcast information to consumers who cannot log in to SAP Analytics Cloud, or who do not log in on a regular basis. APOS Publisher for Cloud allows them to do this in a scheduled and timely manner.
  • Format Control
    To meet the preferences of their customers, NLMK wanted to provide information to them in their preferred formats, initially as Excel spreadsheets, but possibly expanding to other format types such as PowerPoint.
  • High-Volume Email Bursting
    With approximately 160 reports that needed to be burst in a timely manner, NLMK needed a publishing solution that could manage that volume and scale to higher volume over time.
  • Information Control
    NLMK uses APOS Publisher for Cloud’s automated, data-driven publishing capabilities to ensure each information consumer receives only the information to which they are entitled.
  • Information Accountability
    By allowing NLMK to make critical information directly and easily available for their information consumers through push publishing, APOS Publisher for Cloud encourages those information consumers take account of and responsibility for that information.

Solution: APOS Publisher for Cloud

When NLMK searched for a solution online, APOS Publisher for Cloud was the clear solution to meet all of the required functionality:

  • Targeted Distribution
    Dynamic, data driven process provides customized analytics exclusively to the people who need it, when they need it.
  • Strategic Timing
    Tailored reports delivered at strategic times for maximum impact on decision making and job execution.
  • Tailored Formats
    Consumers receive the information they need in the convenient and specific format they require for immediate use, removing connection barriers.
  • Dynamic Flexibility
    Handle unique and changing scenarios, control and change filtering and distribution by controlling the data which drives the process.
  • Timely Support
    Implement a solution that is backed by a highly capable, efficient and proactive support team working within a time-tested software development company and long-time SAP partner.


“The APOS solution was the only solution that fulfilled all of our current requirements, and created a clear path for future broadcasting developments. Publisher for Cloud has automated our SAP Analytics Cloud report broadcasting, letting us provide timely and pertinent information to management and operations, and helping us to create a culture of information accountability. Both our sales personnel and our customers were very pleased with this solution as now they could use the information provided in Excel format for further processing the information for internal reporting.”
Achin Batra, Head of BI Center of Excellence, NLMK Group


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