Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Customer Success - Precision Drilling & APOS Publisher for Cloud

Precision Drilling is an international Oil and Gas drilling contractor focused on delivering maximum efficiency, helping its customers minimize risk, reduce well costs and generate returns on their investments. They provide safe, consistent, repeatable and reliable service with the full support of the entire Precision team.

When Precision Drilling came to APOS for an SAP Analytics Cloud bursting and distribution solution, they had the following requirements:
  • Automated distribution of SAC live reports to multiple field superintendents using email
  • Personalized report content for field superintendents based on SAC story filters
  • Scheduling
  • Access to SAC reports on mobile

Here's how the APOS Publisher for Cloud overcame challenges to meet those requirements:

Precision Drilling - Advanced APOS Publisher for Cloud – Advanced SAC Broadcasting

We recently hosted a webinar that showed how the APOS Publisher and APOS Publisher for Cloud solutions can help you meet your Hybrid distribution needs.

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