Tuesday, October 19, 2021

APOS Customer Success – Hörmann Group

The Hörmann Group is Europe’s no. 1 for doors and hinged doors. More than 6,000 employees in 36 specialized factories in Europe, North America and Asia develop and produce high-quality doors, hinged doors, frames, operators, and perimeter protection systems for private and commercial use. The headquarters of the globally active Hörmann Group is located in Steinhagen, by Bielefeld, in Germany. The company, still family-run, recently recorded an annual turnover of more than €1 billion.


The Hörmann Group sends more than 1,000 Web Intelligence reports in different export formats and languages with actual sales figures to their locations and partners all over the world. These processes and the associated maintenance had grown dramatically over time, so they needed to reduce the manual effort involved, as well as the volume of mail produced. Most regional offices and partners get 20 or more emails per day with a document attached. They also wanted to reduce maintenance responsibilities for their IT department, and give recipient list control to the related business department teams.

APOS Customer Success - Hoermann Group

Hörmann Group -APOS Publisher

The Hörmann Group achieved their objectives with APOS Publisher.

  • Reduced Manual Effort
    The Hörmann Group was uses APOS Publisher to combine similar reports for processing from a single data source, maintained by the responsible departments.
  • Fully Automated, Data-Driven
    APOS Publisher’s dynamic, automated scheduling process enables the Hörmann Group to generate, collect, zip and send over 1000 reports quickly and easily after initial setup.
  • Optimized Mail Volume
    The Hörmann Group uses APOS Report Package Booster to reduce mail volume by combining many reports into a single email with one zipped file instead of sending several separate emails.


“We save so much time now in generating report for constantly changing recipients. The APOS support team were able to find solutions for every requirement we have, no matter how complex they are. They are always ready to support us with our problems.”
- Uwe Bendzulla, Team Leader, SAP-BI, The Hörmann Group


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