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APOS Customer Success – Hunt Oil Company – Peru LNG

Hunt Oil Company is a privately held exploration and production company that has successfully conducted petroleum operations for more than 80 years. Today, it is one of the world's leading independent energy companies, with operations in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. The company has drilled wells on every continent except Antarctica. The Peru LNG operation consists of a gas liquefaction plant, the first in South America, which processes 4.45 million tons of natural gas per year, a 408-kilometer pipeline across the Andes, and a marine terminal on the Pacific coast of Peru.

APOS Customer Success - Hunt LNG Peru


Hunt uses SAP Analytics Cloud to dashboard their KPIs and analyze operational, resource, and quality data. Real-time reporting is essential to ensure efficient and safe production and transportation of the liquified natural gas (LNG) product. They needed a publishing solution to push management information out on a scheduled basis to both SAC and non-SAC users, in the office and in the field, as well as to provide automation to ensure that immediate attention is given to critical operational data and events.

To meet these needs, a member of their SAP account team pointed them to APOS.

  • QA, Health & Safety, Environmental Reporting
    Hunt sends weekly reports to managers and supervisors identifying reported incidents which require corrective actions to ensure the safety of its employees.
  • Pipeline Reporting
    Hunt sends a weekly KPI report to managers and supervisors with flags on information which requires their attention. Each report is between 3 and 4 pages and is delivered in PDF format.
  • HR Reporting
    Hunt sends weekly reports to managers and supervisors for vacation time management. Each manager/supervisor gets the vacation information for their specific teams. These reports help managers/supervisors plan vacation time, and manage requests and vacation taken to ensure staff coverage and vacation entitlement is not exceeded.

Hunt LNG – APOS Publisher

  • Data-Driven Distribution
    Hunt LNG uses APOS Publisher for Cloud’s dynamic flexibility to drive distribution of content, pushing that content out to managers and supervisors to ensure timely and accurate decision making. They manage changes to distribution needs simply and easily by adjusting the data and filters used to define bursting.
  • Ease of Use
    Hunt LNG appreciates the automation provided by APOS Publisher for Cloud. Its data-driven bursting capabilities allow them to set it and forget it, and they can monitor distribution easily from an administrator account.
  • Reduced IT burden
    The combination of data-driven bursting and automation greatly reduces the burden on Hunt LNG’s IT and analytics teams, allowing them to focus their efforts on other initiatives.


“The process of implementing APOS Publisher for Cloud was very easy, and any difficulties we experienced were dealt with quickly and effectively by the APOS technical support team, even when the difficulties were not due to the APOS solution itself. It is a set-and-forget solution, meaning we are able to maintain consistent and timely distribution of operational and financial analytics to the managers and supervisors who need it.”
Fabrisio Gavonel Hernández, IT Applications Specialist, Hunt LNG






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