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APOS Systems Inc. has been building business intelligence (BI) solutions for close to twenty years. Our "well managed BI" solutions complement, simplify, automate, enhance and extend your SAP BusinessObjects BI deployment.

Our social media efforts are intended to give you the opportunity to investigate options, ask questions, start a conversation, and learn what it takes to achieve well managed BI.

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APOS Delivers Well Managed BI

Our experience with helping customers achieve maximum ROI from their BI deployments has given us a unique thought-leadership position among BI solution providers. Our solutions are designed to lead you to BI best practices in administration, auditing, monitoring, disaster recovery, publishing and many more fundamental aspects of BI platform management.

Best practices are organization-specific. While your business processes may resemble those of similar organizations, they need to be designed with your strategic and operational objectives, and your resources, in mind. APOS solutions are designed to deliver the agility and flexibility you need to build and enforce your own, organization-specific best practices.

BI Platform Management Solutions

You implement BI to optimize operational and financial efficiencies within your organization. What do you do to optimize BI efficiency? You implement APOS BI platform management solutions.

APOS BI platform management solutions function like an ERP system for your BI deployment. They help you manage and plan your BI resources:

  • APOS Administrator - Automates repetitive and resource-intensive BI administration
  • APOS Insight - Provides enhanced metadata management, system monitoring, and timely alerts
  • APOS IDAC - Monitor, manage and audit BI data connectivity - The APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) extends the BI administrator's control of data processes beyond the BI system to the data sources themselves. IDAC gives you the ability to monitor and manage queries from your BI system to all of your enterprise data sources.
  • APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) - Lets you see who is doing what, where and when, and lets you interact remotely with these processes
  • APOS Storage Center - Provides automatic backup, selective restore and versioning of report documents, helping you manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, and achieve regulatory compliance
  • APOS Publisher - Provides the ability to execute tightly controlled document production, publishing and distribution workflows for greater agility in information distribution
    The critical question you need to ask yourself is: Do you have an ongoing BI request backlog that never seems to get smaller? If so, then your resources are likely being squandered on curative BI activities, and you lack the agility and flexibility to achieve progressive BI. Agile business intelligence is key to achieving effective enterprise performance management.
  • APOS Data Gateway for SAP Analytics Cloud - Creating a live mode bridge to enterprise data - provides live data connectivity to on premise SAP HANA data, including SAP BW, universes, Microsoft OLAP (MSAS), relational data sources, Essbase
  • APOS Data Gateway for SAP Lumira & Design Studio - extended data connectivity - a data connection and data transformation solution which provides extended data source and data volume options for SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio, and enables enhanced interoperability with BI components across the SAP landscape
  • APOS Validation Manager - automated report testing for SAP Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence - project-based, controlled conversion of UNV to UNX and repointing of Web Intelligence reports

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