APOS Well Managed BI Resources and Best Practices

To help you get the most out of your APOS well managed BI solutions, we present these various resources and guides to best practices. Bookmark this page and come back often to view more APOS well managed BI resources to help you establish progressive BI best practices in your organization.

Case Studies

APOS case studies illustrate the ROI of APOS well managed BI solutions through automation, simplification and enhancement of SAP BusinessObjects processes. See how others in your industry have improved their SAP BusinessObjects experience. (No registration required.)

Solution Brochures

APOS product brochures provide a brief summary of the features and benefits of each APOS well managed BI solution, so you can gain a full understanding of the benefits of each solution to your organization. (No registration required.)

White Papers

APOS white papers provide authoritative information on business intelligence and industry trends, discuss issues that are important to SAP BusinessObjects platform managers and administrators, and describe progressive BI solutions and practices.


Our interactive webinars, presented by BI and Location Intelligence subject matter experts, take a hands-on look at SAP BusinessObjects best practices using APOS well managed BI solutions.

SOX Audit & BI

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulatory regimes place higher and higher expectations on audit teams, both internal and external, and by extension on BI teams. APOS well managed BI solutions can contribute to your BI team's readiness to meet audit needs, comply with regulatory requirements, and promote corporate governance


The BI team is not the only segment of your organization that acts as data controller and data processor, but your BI system is central to the GDPR compliance effort. See how APOS well managed BI solutions can help your BI team attain and maintain GDPR compliance.


APOS freeware can help you meet specific BI administration needs, or help you as part of a larger solution. See what these applications have to offer.

Download Software

Are you a hands-on decision maker? Download the solution that interests you, then request an evaluation license. For a limited time, you will have an opportunity to explore a fully functional APOS well managed BI solution of your choice.

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