Instance Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator enhances instance management for SAP BusinessObjects. It provides the ability to analyze the report instance environment as a whole. It automates instance management, helping you to work more efficiently, reduce human error, and save time.


APOS Administrator instance management benefits include:

  • Reduction of human error
  • Reliability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Crisis management/avoidance
  • Automation


You can search document instances by:

  • Status - All, Running, Success, Failure, Paused, Pending
  • Enterprise Folder Name/ID
  • Report Name/ID
  • Instance ID
  • Instance Owner
  • Category
  • By Date/Date Range/Time Range

APOS Administrator's "rescheduling with edit" capabilities let you select a group of report instances that have already been run, edit specific instance properties such as database login, destination, format, schedule and events, then reschedule the instances.

You can:

  • Reschedule
  • Reschedule with Edit
  • Pause Running document instances
  • Release Paused document instances
  • Delete document instances
  • Print document instances
  • Re-scan for document instances
  • Copy document instances to folder
  • Export instance properties to CSV
  • Automatically Export instance properties to CSV
  • Export properties to CSV/XML file for APOS InfoScheduler
  • View instance properties
  • Copy document instances to network
  • Search Enterprise folder structure for document instances
  • Reset folder cache
  • Save column order
  • Select all document instances
  • Use date selection on the client
  • Print list
  • Refresh instance list

APOS Administrator simplifies, automates, enhances and extends SAP BusinessObjects instance management capabilities.