Structured Content Promotion for SAP BusinessObjects

Structured content promotion between multiple SAP BusinessObjects environments is a challenge for organizations with heavy security and regulatory compliance requirements. Those challenges are multiplied when those organizations migrate to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 and need to make wholesale changes to their reporting environment to account for changes in the semantic layer, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, and of course, Desktop Intelligence, which has been designated "end of life."

APOS Administrator provides an alternative to LifeCycle Manager's content promotion methodology. Administrator's Promotion Server module lets you design and execute full-featured promotion packages while complying with the separation of environments and heavy security requirements mandated by SOX and other legislation.

Another great advantage to Promotion Server is that there is no need to have identical development, QA and production environments. You can promote one report to multiple folders in a new environment without having multiple copies of the report in the source environment.


The Promotion Server module is extremely useful to organizations that have heavy security and compliance requirements, because it features:

  • Multiple Location Delivery - Ability to explode a single report to multiple (even hundreds) of locations
  • Separation of Environments - the designer creating the promotion package does not require permissions on the production environment; the designer can use surrogate accounts to select the targets for reports without access to the target system
  • Use of Roles - package builder (departmental ability to view structure); administrators (ability to review, and to schedule packages to run in off hours); administrative security (ability to audit, and to roll back promotion packages)
  • Production-Ready Promotion - promote reports with settings configured in advance for the target system
  • Scheduling - schedule promotion packages to avoid peak-time congestion


The APOS Administrator Promotion Server module includes a server element to execute promotion packages, and a client element to design promotion packages. Features include:

  • Structured and controlled report promotion facility
  • Departmental delegation of report promotion process
  • Automated/Scheduled promotion of report packages
  • Manage and maintain report packages at department level
  • Delegated promotion rights
  • Creation and Scheduling controlled by Business Objects security
  • Promote from Business Objects to Business Objects
  • Promote from File to Business Objects
  • Promotion to multiple targets
  • Bulk management of package settings
    • Pre-configure report settings to be applied in target environment
    • Database Log on
    • Default Parameters
    • Report Format
    • Instance Limits
    • Custom Properties
    • Processing Extensions
    • Post-promotion Repository refresh
  • Process Logging
  • Promotion Roll-back
  • Back up of objects, document instances, properties
  • Scheduled reversion