DirectQuery for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from Microsoft Power BI


APOS Live Data Gateway extension for Microsoft Power BI provides fast, efficient and transparent data access through DirectQuery connections for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. A DirectQuery connection is critical to handle medium to large datasets and cloud sources where importing data is prohibitive because of size. Only the information required, is retrieved.

Microsoft Power BI does not support a DirectQuery connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. This is crucial to handling medium to large datasets that are stored in DWC.


Connecting Microsoft Power BI to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using DirectQuery

See how APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud enables DirectQuery live connectivity from Power BI to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


Extensive data source support

Why APOS Live Data Gateway?

DirectQuery provides live data connectivity to data assets, which allows Power BI reports and visualizations to display current, live data. Using Power BI to access large data sets without DirectQuery is impractical, because you cannot restrict results in such a way to avoid large and slow data downloads. DirectQuery ensures you retrieve only the data that is relevant to your needs.

DirectQuery is intended as a means of connecting live to large data assets and using that data without downloading large data sets. While many of your data assets may support DirectQuery from Power BI, there may also be other critical data assets that don’t. For example, DirectQuery supports large Cloud-based data assets such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, IBM Netezza, SAP HANA and Snowflake, but not SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. If you connect Power BI to Data Warehouse Cloud directly using OData or ODBC, DirectQuery is not available. See a complete list of data sources supported by Power BI DirectQuery


Extensive Data Source Support

APOS Live Data Gateway Power BI extension connects Power BI to APOS Live Data Gateway, which connects to a wide and diverse range of data assets via ODBC, OData and JDBC, including SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and enables use of DirectQuery. Access to data is fast and efficient.

APOS Live Data Gateway enables live connectivity between Power BI and a wide variety of data assets using DirectQuery, making DirectQuery available for all of the 150+ relational, OLAP, Hadoop and Cloud sources it supports. See a complete list of data sources supported by APOS Live Data Gateway

Extensive data source support



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Other Editions of Live Data Gateway

There are a number of specialized APOS Live Data Gateway editions, designed to meet specific needs:


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Performance with Large Data Sets

In today's data landscapes it is critical that there is strong processing performance for large and growing data environments including Cloud and Big Data platforms. Live Data Gateway has been designed to thrive with such scenarios. See how the APOS Live Data Gateway performs with large data sets in Google BigQuery (196 million rows), and Snowflake (1.3 billion rows).

WR Grace

This APOS solution was extremely easy to deploy, simplifying the process of connecting to Google BigQuery and our other data sources. We were also pleased with live data connecting using the APOS Live Data Gateway because it kept all data within the corporate firewall for an added level of security.

Sunil Kumar, SAP Enterprise Architect, WR Grace

WR Grace

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Extensive data source support


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Extensive data source support





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