APOS BI Metadata Driver

The APOS BI Metadata Driver is a JDBC driver which enables direct data connectivity to the the SAP BI CMS database. It provides live access to the following CMS data tables:

  • InfoObjects
  • SystemObjects
  • AppObjects

The APOS BI Metadata Driver lets you:

  • Use SAP BI reports and dashboards to present CMS data
  • Schedule recurring reports of CMS data for regular analysis
  • Perform ad-hoc queries on the CMS database
  • Export CMS data via BI reports for flexible analysis

Live Access to SAP BI CMS Data

Live access to CMS data allows you to create reports and dashboards in SAP BI to present up-to-the-moment CMS data. The APOS BI Metadata Driver is available as a standalone application, or as part of the APOS Insight solution.

The APOS BI Metadata Driver allows your BI administration team to share information, using group-level security, that would normally only be available to administrators. Building a dashboard to access this live CMS data will provide a live snapshot of system activity and health.

Implemented as a component of APOS Insight, the APOS BI Metadata Driver complements Insight's services to provide a complete view of your BI system, enabling deep system analysis and impact analysis.