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APOS Live Data Gateway

Denodo Live Data Connectivity

The APOS Live Data Gateway supports the Denodo data virtualization platform, so that data provided through Denodo data virtualization can be applied to SAP Analytics Cloud stories.

The APOS Live Data Gateway provides live data connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to a wide range of on-premise and cloud data sources. Live data connectivity means that data is leveraged from where it already resides, so there is no re-creation of data models or security models — data is always current and never leaves the firewall.

Unlocking Virtualized Live Data

Data virtualization with Denodo can be a powerful way to integrate and blend data from multiple enterprise data sources. For organizations that wish to have data from multiple sources unified and prepared so that it can be presented in a single analytic within an SAP Analytics Cloud story, Denodo provides this data blending capability, and APOS Live Data Gateway can deliver that data via live connection stream into your SAP Analytics Cloud stories.

The data virtualization layer provided by Denodo also improves governance through visibility and searchability, simplifying data profiling, data lineage, and change impact analysis. It makes data integration less of a physical operation and more of a logical operation, saving time and labor.

If your customers are using Denodo today and looking for live SAC connectivity, or if your customers are looking for data blending and data virtualization options, let’s connect to discuss the potential.