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APOS Live Data Gateway

Customer Success - W.R. Grace

W.R. Grace and Company (Grace) and Analysis Prime recently joined us for a webinar to talk about deploying the APOS Live Data Gateway.

Grace is a global leader in providing catalysts and related technologies used in refining, petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing process, and in manufacturing materials used in coatings, consumer, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

In 2019, W.R. Grace deployed the APOS Live Data Gateway solution to meet their SAP Analytics Cloud live data connectivity needs. Sunil Kumar, SAP Enterprise Architect at W.R. Grace, joined us to discuss how they used the APOS Live Data Gateway to meet their SAP Analytics Cloud data connectivity needs.

W.R. Grace Success Story

W.R. Grace APOS Live Data Gateway success
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Extended & Expanded Live Data Connectivity

Grace deployed SAP Analytics Cloud in 2018, after looking at a number of alternatives such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Grace deployed Live Data Gateway to attain live data connectivity to Oracle, SQL Server, and Google BigQuery. An important area of this deployment was to give improved data access for the Finance team to speed month-end close. Live Data Gateway is central to a revised Profit Center analysis process that shifted a 2-day per month effort and delay within the Finance team to one that is automated and gives near instantaneous access to data needed by Finance analysts to complete month-end analyses.

W.R. Grace

See how W.R. Grace deployed the APOS Live Data Gateway

Analysis Prime - Partnering in Success

Analysis Prime has one of, if not the, largest team of dedicated SAP Analytics Cloud experts. They provide customers with deep experienced implementation and training services. Their Expert as a Service (ExaaS) offering provides flexible and cost-effective access to their dedicated team and knowledge base for enablement, support, and strategy.

Analysis Prime

See how Analysis Prime worked with W.R. Grace to deploy the APOS Live Data Gateway

Graylin Johnson, an SAP Analytics Cloud Expert for Analysis Prime, recently joined us in a webinar to discuss how they used the APOS Live Data Gateway to meet W.R. Grace's SAP Analytics Cloud data connectivity needs.

Here's what he had to say about introducing the APOS Live Data Gateway to W.R. Grace:

W.R. Grace needed to surface large volumes of data through SAP Analytics Cloud, but did not want to replicate that data outside of the original sources. They also needed the data fast. They didn't want to wait for the data to move through different systems to get to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Graylin had this to say about Analysis Prime working with APOS:

I love using the APOS Live Data Gateway, primarily for the time to value... A lot of our customers have a need to connect to non-SAP data sources and stream data to SAP Analytics Cloud, and using the APOS Live Data Gateway is a very easy and cost-effective way for them to do that. When we work with our customers, it is very important that we present cost-effective solutions. The APOS Live Data Gateway plays a very important role with our SAP Analytics Cloud customers.

To see how W.R. Grace and Analysis Prime worked together to implement the APOS Live Data Gateway, view the entire webinar on demand.

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