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APOS Semantic Data Driver

Enhanced Semantic Layer Connectivity

The APOS Semantic Data Driver (SD Driver) is a JDBC driver that provides enhanced semantic layer connectivity. Connect to universes (both UNV and UNX) and Web Intelligence reports as data sources. Use SQL language and this  standard data driver to connect any Java program, or any solution that supports JDBC connectivity, to the SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer. Connect various components from the SAP landscape to the SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer and leverage your "single version of the truth" throughout your enterprise landscape.

Use the APOS Semantic Data Driver to:

  • Leverage the BI semantic layer for universal business logic and business data across the enterprise BI landscape
  • Leverage UNV universes in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Leverage Web Intelligence reports and calculations in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Embed UNV, UNX and Web Intelligence data in any Java-based application
  • Connect Lumira to Web Intelligence reports; schedule the Web Intelligence reports ahead of time to provide a cached version of the data
  • Connect Design Studio to UNV and UNX universes, and to Web Intelligence data providers, without row restrictions
  • Connect Crystal Reports 2013 to UNX universes and Web Intelligence data providers
  • Connect Crystal Reports Enterprise to UNV universes and Web Intelligence data providers

Upload from UNV to SAP Analytics Cloud

Universes provide a coherent representation of your data from a business perspective. Rather than re-invent the wheel in your SAP Analytics Cloud environment, use the APOS Semantic Data Driver to upload existing UNV universes from on-premise SAP BusinessObjects.

Upload from Web Intelligence to SAP Analytics Cloud

Leverage your Web Intelligence reports and their calculations by using the APOS Semantic Data Driver to upload them to your SAP Analytics Cloud environment from on-premise SAP BusinessObjects.

Embedded Analytics for the Enterprise

Embedded analytics — the integration of business intelligence with business systems, whether finance-, operations- or compliance-focused - requires extensible and adaptable data connectivity. The APOS Semantic Data Driver delivers the ability to embed BI within your enterprise software systems.

If you could impart one set of figures, one statistical imperative, or one set of metrics to everyone within reach of your enterprise information infrastructure, what would it be? And how would you communicate it? How would you filter it? How would you want them to visualize it? How would you want them to apply it?

Business intelligence provides a single of version of the truth, but the truth can be expressed in many forms with differing emphasis for diverse purposes. The real challenges are to present that information in a manner that can be easily understood and acted upon, and to distribute that information to the people whose decisions you want it to inform.

The SDD makes your SAP BusinessObjects infrastructure available to transactional applications and other enterprise systems and workflows.

Connect SAP Design Studio to UNV / UNX Without Limits

SAP Design Studio has a well documented 5,000 row / 50,000 cell limit on result sets from universes. The APOS Semantic Data Driver works seamlessly with the APOS Data Gateway solution to provide data access with no row limits to both UNV and UNX universes, giving your Design Studio projects greater flexibility and wider data connectivity.

This combined solution enables dynamic querying, allowing the dashboard designer to change the query in accordance with user input or user group, and adding greater flexibility to your dashboard projects.

Connect SAP Lumira to Web Intelligence Data Providers

The APOS Semantic Data Driver lets you connect to data via Web Intelligence data providers, expanding the data available to your SAP Lumira project to all of the fields within the query that creates those data providers, ready for data manipulation and visualization.

If you prefer to leverage your Web Intelligence report's calculations, then APOS has other data connectivity solutions that may suit your use case scenario. Learn how to use the APOS Data Gateway to connect SAP Lumira to blocks of data in Web Intelligence reports and instances and Microsoft Access databases.

Expand Crystal Reports Data Connectivity

Crystal Reports remains the choice for pixel-perfect reports, but there are inherent data connectivity limitations with both Crystal Reports Enterprise and Crystal Reports 2013. The APOS Semantic Data Driver overcomes these limitations. You can use the SDD to:

  • Connect Crystal Reports Enterprise to UNV universes (as well as UNX universes)
  • Connect Crystal Reports 2013 to UNX universes (as well as UNV universes)
  • Connect Crystal Reports Enterprise and 2013 to Web Intelligence data providers.

The SDD provides a means of leveraging your investment in Crystal Reports.

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