Upgrade SAP BI S3 Bundle

APOS offers a migration bundle that combines some of our most popular technologies to streamline, speed and secure your BI upgrade process.

Upgrades and migrations of SAP BusinessObjects deployments can often test the integrity of the BI system, stretch and strain the BI team resources, and challenge the most seasoned BI experts. In recognition of these realities, APOS offers a migration solution bundle that combines our most popular BI migration technologies in a way that empowers your team to break through critical BI upgrade challenges.

Every SAP BI environment is different, and every upgrade has its own unique challenges, but our 20 years of experience working with SAP BusinessObjects customers has shown us that there are fundamental challenges that are consistent in many upgrades: lack of system visibility, barriers to rapid execution of migration processes, and insufficient system safeguards.

However, long-trusted APOS solutions are available to help you prepare for and execute your next SAP BusinessObjects upgrade in a Smart, Strong, and Safe manner.


Deep System Knowledge

A Smart Upgrade begins with deep system knowledge.

What you can't measure, you can't manage. The depth of knowledge you have of your system pre- and post-upgrade/migration directly affects your ability to be proactive, efficient and effective. Think of how much more simple it would be if you had the following at your fingertips:

  • Inventory and catalog of objects
  • Documentation
  • BI System Benchmark information

Bulk Administrative Operations

A Strong Upgrade applies automation and bulk operations to simplify upgrade processes, reduce the potential for human error, and liberate your BI resources for higher-ROI activities.

Much of the heavy lifting in migration/upgrade scenarios is a product of processes that are resource- and time intensive. Many administrative operations in SAP BI are manual, and therefore time-consuming. Bulk administrative operations all you to:

  • Adapt the migrated source system to the new environment
  • Import schedules from the legacy system
  • Analyze an entire report instance environment
  • Apply actions in bulk
  • Manage objects in bulk
  • Manage security rights within a matrix

Your SAP BI Universes and the business logic they contain are the filter through which you see your all-important single version of the truth. Maintaining and updating your BI Universes before, during, and after migration can be greatly simplified through automated, project-based processes that allow you to:

  • Bulk convert existing UNV universes to UNX format
  • Repoint Web Intelligence reports in bulk
  • Automate bulk testing

Testing Reports in the New Environment

A Strong Upgrade automates report testing to ensure governance and compliance objectives are met.

Content validation is a necessary step in the implementation of new versions and SPs of SAP BI. Ensuring that report objects and instances behave in the same manner pre- and post-implementation is a critical element of the testing process. To achieve these objectives, you need to:

  • Automate testing of new, changed, and migrated Web Intelligence, Analysis Office, and Crystal reports.
  • Validate whether instances appear and function as they did in the pre-migration environment.
  • Validate that reports run in the same way with the same parameters, producing the same results
  • Validate report performance

Systematic Content Management

A Safe Upgrade begins with safeguarding your content assets.

Disasters come in all sizes. The value of your content assets makes safeguarding them from a variety of disaster scenarios paramount. The most effective way to manage upgrade/migration risk to content is to establish a robust system content management strategy that allows you to:

  • Mitigate risk to content integrity, and to governance and compliance objectives
  • Migrate some or all document instances
  • Extract and export to neutral formats such as PDF

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