APOS Upgrade BI S3 Bundle

APOS offers a migration bundle that combines some of our most popular technologies to streamline, speed and secure your BI upgrade process.

Deep System Knowledge

With the APOS Upgrade BI S3 Bundle, you can:

  • Inventory and catalog your existing reports to know where your reports and instances are, and which reports are in use, by whom and how frequently.
  • Document your reports to know their composition and data connections.
  • Populate a database with point-in-time snapshots of system status.
  • Extract benchmark information about your system before the migration, then after the migration, and compare them.
  • Run comparison reports/queries of what has changed.
  • See where reports have moved to in the new deployment.
  • Map IDs in one system to IDs in the other.
  • Compare the security structures between the two environments to ensure groups are in place, users are in groups and all are properly permissioned, thus eliminating security holes.

Systematic Content Management

With the APOS Upgrade BI S3 Bundle, you can:

  • Mitigate risk by safeguarding objects, document instances, and instance integrity for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Migrate document instances from one deployment of SAP BusinessObjects to another; perform partial or complete migration.
  • Extract and export objects and document instances to other formats such as PDF.
  • Implement an intelligent means to purge Web Intelligence reports while retaining retrievable versions.
  • Manage disc space carefully.

Bulk Administrative Operations

With the APOS Upgrade BI S3 Bundle, you can:

  • Adapt the migrated source system to the new environment using bulk operations on a large number of system objects (reports, folders, users, security, settings, etc.).
  • Import schedules from the legacy system, then map and export them to the new system.
  • Control security to the various objects.
  • Perform common maintenance of Users and Groups, simplifying the onerous task of setting advanced security rights.
  • Analyze an entire report instance environment at once.
  • Apply actions to instances in bulk.
  • Establish control over migrated instances/schedules.
  • Modify recurring schedules.
  • Manage scheduling crises quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage objects in bulk.
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system.
  • Promote objects from development/testing to production efficiently and in compliance with data security and privacy requirements.
  • Bulk convert existing UNV universes to UNX format.
  • Scan your system for targeted Web Intelligence reports and select them.
  • Repoint Web Intelligence reports in bulk.
  • Optionally replace existing reports, rename the new reports, or move the new reports to a different folder.
  • Export universe properties.
  • Manage data connections.
  • Automate bulk testing to ensure successful and accurate migration process.

Testing Reports in the New Environment

With the APOS Upgrade BI S3 Bundle, you can:

  • Automate testing of new, changed, and migrated Web Intelligence, Analysis Office, and Crystal reports.
  • Validate whether instances appear and function as they did in the pre-migration environment.
  • Validate that reports run in the same way with the same parameters, producing the same results
  • Validate performance

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