ASUG BI + Analytics 2017 -
Presentations Not to Miss

We're looking forward to this year's ASUG BI + Analytics conference, certainly because it is a premiere networking event and we want to see many old friends and make new ones, but also because we have had the pleasure and privilege of helpin a couple of our customers prepare presentations for delivery at the conference.

In both cases we were greatly impressed with the passion and substance that our customers brought to their presentations. We think you will be too.

Computer Services Inc. -
Enhanced Distribution & Integration of BI Content into Business Workflows

When: Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1:30 PM
Presenter: Jason Young, Director of Business Intelligence,
Computer Services Inc.

Jason Young demonstrates how Computer Services Inc. integrated SAP BusinessObjects into their core bank processing solution with the help of APOS Distribution Server. APOS solution consultant Alan Golding will also be on hand to discuss the enhanced distribution options provided by the integration of APOS Distribution Server with BI Launchpad in BI 4.2 SP4.

This presentation is packed with tips on integration, scheduling, secure email, monitoring, and distribution governance and controls.

CSI uses APOS Distribution Server, a module of the APOS Publisher solution, to bind the components of their core bank processing systems together.

Usually, when you read a BI case study about the adoption of a third-party solution, you read about how the customer was faced with a challenge in an existing BI deployment, and how the vendor's solution met that challenge and provided ROI. However, the CSI case is different.

CSI was looking for a BI system as an integrated OEM replacement for the central component of their core bank processing system. They understood their integration needs completely, and when they discovered that SAP BusinessObjects could not deliver the necessary integration and connectivity, SAP referred them to APOS. Jason tells us that, without the APOS Distribution Server solution, the chances of them purchasing the SAP BusinessObjects solution were very much reduced.

Beaumont Health System -
Healthcare BI Management & Related EHR Upgrades

When: Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2:25 PM
Presenter: Jefferey Morrison, Systems Director of Enterprise Data Management,
Beaumont Health System

While this presentation relates specifically to healthcare BI, its lessons are universal. Jeffery Morrison demonstrates how Beaumont Health reduces technical debt at every opportunity by thinking outside the SAP BusinessObjects box, taking full advantage of system metadata, and developing integrated resource, content, upgrade and migration strategies.

If you're looking for inspiration on how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your BI deployment, look no further than this presentation. Jeffery's approach to BI platform management is both inspiring and grounded in detailed analysis.

Beaumont uses APOS Administrator and APOS Insight as integral parts of their strategy execution.

Like that of CSI, the Beaumont story does not follow the standard case study template. Jeffery is an experienced veteran of BI platform management, and when he arrived at Beaumont and saw the challenges he was facing, he didn't need to look for a solution. He brought in APOS Insight, because he had already implemented it in an earlier engagement with another (non-healthcare) company, and knew the ROI was there.

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