Business Objects Migration - APOS Administrator

Your Business Objects migration planning will benefit greatly from the improved system automation and control delivered by APOS Administrator.

APOS Administrator automates and simplifies object, instance, and schedule management. During migration, reports are typically relocated. Use APOS Administrator to save, import, batch modify, and export schedules. You can:

  • Adapt the migrated source system to the new environment using bulk operations on a large number of system objects (reports, folders, users, security, settings, etc.).
  • Import schedules from the legacy system, then map and export them to the new system.
  • Analyze an entire report instance environment at once.
  • Apply actions to instances in bulk.
  • Establish control over migrated instances/schedules.
  • Modify recurring schedules.
  • Manage scheduling crises quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage objects in bulk.
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system.
  • Promote objects from development/testing to production efficiently and in compliance with data security and privacy requirements.
  • Control security to the various objects.
  • Perform common maintenance of Users and Groups, simplifying the onerous task of setting advanced security rights.

APOS Administrator provides administrative capabilities that simplify, complement and enhance SAP BusinessObjects object and document instance management and scheduling features. In the hands of platform managers, BI technicians and other power users, APOS Administrator makes SAP BusinessObjects more responsive to enterprise information needs.

APOS Administrator saves valuable administrative time through automation and task streamlining, reducing human error, and providing the agility and flexibility to meet the changing needs of information consumers. Whether you're managing or re-engineering business processes, establishing crisis management or disaster recovery procedures, or preparing for migration to a newer version of SAP BusinessObjects, APOS Administrator creates value through operational efficiencies, establishing trust through reliability.