Business Objects Migration - APOS Insight

Your Business Objects migration planning will benefit greatly from the improved system visibility delivered by APOS Insight.

Insight provides a complete snapshot of what is happening at any given time within your system, meaning that you can analyze system usage and bottlenecks over time as a preliminary step in planning your new implementation. You can:

  • Populate a database with point-in-time snapshots of system status
  • Extract benchmark information about your system before the migration, then after the migration, and compare them.
  • Run comparison reports/queries of what has changed.\
  • See where reports have moved to in the new deployment.
  • Map IDs in one system to IDs in the other.
  • Compare the security structures between the two environments to ensure groups are in place, users are in groups and all are properly permissioned, thus eliminating security holes.

Once you have deployed the new version of SAP Business Objects, APOS Insight continues to provide high value with enhanced metadata management, audit, and monitoring capabilities.