Object Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator provides robust SAP BusinessObjects object management capabilities in a full-client application, enabling rapid, high-volume object maintenance, management, and promotion.


Use APOS Administrator as an SAP BusinessObjects security management console for objects. With this console, you can:

  • Manage thousands of objects simultaneously
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system
  • Control security to the various objects
  • Perform common maintenance tasks on Users and Groups
  • Simplify the process of setting advanced security rights

In a typical SAP BusinessObjects deployment, an administrator might perform the following tasks on a regular basis:

  • Promote single reports to multiple folders with 10+ target folders at once
  • Promote more than 20 reports a week
  • Handle preferences for more than 100 users
  • Handle more than 50 settings changes for reports a week
  • Have more than 100 reports in the system
  • Have more than 50 security setting changes a week

If this describes your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, then Object Manager can save you an immense amount of time while reducing the potential for human error, and vastly simplifying the object promotion process.

Object Promotion

APOS Administrator greatly simplifies the object promotion process. No other solution lets you create promotion packages in the development environment using the production environment settings to simplify the design/export/import process while complying with regulations that may require complete separation of the development and production environments.

APOS Administrator's promotion server option adds the following capabilities:

  • Robust automated promotion
  • Promotion package creation capabilities
  • Schedule promotion capabilities
  • Rollback capabilities

These promotion server capabilities help you meet all of your current object development and promotion needs, and cope with any developing regulatory requirements.


With APOS Administrator, you can:

  • Copy to objects folder
  • Bulk delete objects
  • Export object properties
  • Promote system objects
  • Refresh objects
  • Manage database logon settings
  • Manage:
    • Destination settings
    • Format settings
    • Notification settings
    • Process settings
    • Processing extensions settings
    • Properties settings
    • Refresh option settings
    • Schedule for settings
    • Web Intelligence caching options
  • Maintain:
    • Retry settings
    • Print settings
    • Parameters initial value settings
    • Categories
    • Limits
    • Preferences
    • Security
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Data connections
    • Universe locations
    • Universe connection

APOS Administrator can play a critical role in your organization by automating and simplifying SAP BusinessObjects object management.