APOS Storage Center for Migration - SAP BI 4 Upgrade Resources

Migrate large volumes of instances; convert REP instances prior to migration

Your content management strategy will be key to your migration success. Once you inventory all of your content, you need to decide what you will move and what you will archive. The content that you archive should still be readily available for selective restore to the new BI 4 deployment.

APOS Storage Center is a dependable and time-tested archive, backup and selective restore solution for SAP BusinessObjects. APOS Storage Center for Migration assists with migration in a number of ways. You can:

  • Back up or archive reports and instances in previous versions of SAP BusinessObjects and restore them in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x.
  • Export instances to neutral formats such as PDF or XLS and restore that format instead, or in addition to the original format. This feature is useful for converting REP instances from the source system before restoring them in a format that can be viewed by all users in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1.
  • Restore REP instances as agnostic instances into 4.1. This feature lets users who have the Desktop Intelligence designer installed open REP instances directly from the BI Launchpad.
  • Restore instances as zipped instances into SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 to save space.
  • Migrate large environments by restoring objects at any time and continuing to backup and archive the source system and restoring to the target system without interruption to either system.
  • Use in conjunction with the DCP.