APOS Dashboard Migrator for
SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

The APOS Dashboard Migrator for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio lets dashboard designers include components or whole dashboards built in Xcelsius as elements in Design Studio dashboards. Design Studio can pass parameters to the Xcelsius dashboards, and the Xcelsius dashboards can connect to a UNX Universe, or use Query as a Web Service (QaaWS). The resulting Design Studio dashboards are available via mobile device as well as via networked computers. Dashboard Migrator delivers Xcelsius dashboards in HTML5 format for mobile devices, or in Flash format (SWF, with support for External Interface Connection).

The APOS Dashboard Migrator shows additional flexibility by providing the ability to select Xcelsius dashboards or components on the fly on your mobile device according to the context in Design Studio. From a single Design Studio Dashboard, you can access multiple legacy Xcelsius dashboards as determined by the parameters passed from Design Studio to Xcelsius.

SAP BusinessObjects platform managers, administrators and migration planners will appreciate how Dashboard Migrator helps them manage migration time and resources as they make the transition from an Xcelsius to a Design Studio dashboard development environment.

Migrating from Xcelsius to Design Studio

Design Studio is the new technology representing the future of dashboards within SAP BusinessObjects. You cannot simply import your existing Xcelsius dashboards into Design Studio. Instead, you will have to rebuild them in Design Studio. Some tools to help this migration may be introduced in the future, but the underlying architecture of Design Studio is very different from Xcelsius.

Rebuilding your dashboards in Design Studio presents a number of challenges:

  • Features - As a new technology, with a totally different architecture, Design Studio has a different feature set than Xcelsius, so you may not immediately be able to replicate all of your Xcelsius dashboards in Design Studio.
  • Resources - Rebuilding dashboards can be both time- and labor-intensive, and the skillset required to work with Design Studio is very different (JavaScript, HTML 5). Your current dashboard designers will likely need retraining, or you may need to supplement your staff with new expertise.
  • Legacy investment - If you have a substantial existing investment in Xcelsius dashboards, you may even wonder whether you should adopt Design Studio dashboards at all. However, because all of SAP's future development will be focused on Design Studio, you should consider adopting Design Studio sooner rather than later.

Leverage Xcelsius Dashboards in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Your migration timeline is complicated enough without having to rush the transition to Design Studio. You need the transition to be less disruptive and more continuous. The APOS Dashboard Migrator can help you answer some of your most pressing Xcelsius migration questions:

  • Design Studio doesn't have the features you need? The APOS Dashboard Migrator lets you re-use Xcelsius components in Design Studio so you plan your migration timeline in sync with the Design Studio development and release schedule.
  • Design Studio expertise is lacking? The Dashboard Migrator lets developers focus on new features in Design Studio by allowing them to re-use Xcelsius components in Design Studio.
  • Xcelsius dashboards represent a substantial investment? The Dashboard Migrator lets you continue to use your Xcelsius dashboards (and legacy data sources).
  • New Design Studio features figure heavily in your dashboard plans? The Dashboard Migrator lets you start working with Design Studio more quickly by letting you combine the use of legacy Xcelsius features and new Design Studio features.
  • Third-party software not ready for Design Studio? The Dashboard Migrator lets you continue to use your existing, stable, third-party Xcelsius components in Design Studio.

The APOS Dashboard Migrator for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio smoothes the migration path by allowing you to leverage your Xcelsius investment for as long as you need to as you develop your resources and manage the technology adoption process.