APOS Insight Advanced Audit Capabilities

The deep system introspection provided by APOS Insight is essential to the formulation of a complete understanding of your SAP BusinessObjects deployment and the flow of information within it. Using such knowledge, you can foster a culture of transparency and accountability.

APOS Insight provides the in-depth knowledge you need to optimize your SAP BI environment and infrastructure, establish complete confidence in your content, enable industry-specific regulatory compliance, and to deliver well managed BI to your organization. Its enhanced metadata management and audit capabilities make it the perfect tool to enforce a report change management policy.

Enhanced Audit Capabilities

APOS Insight improves access to the SAP BusinessObjects log by capturing log information, de-normalizing it, and loading it into topical tables for easy reporting. These tables provide comprehensive audit information on:

  • Web Intelligence Audit Events
  • Common Audit Events
  • Analysis Audit Events
  • Platform Audit Events
  • LCM Audit Events

APOS Insight provides a rich view of the system by taking snapshots of system information at specified times and intervals and posting them to an accessible database structure for subsequent analysis. Each snapshot shows a detailed picture of system components and objects.

Because APOS Insight combines log data with the wealth of data captured by its own system snapshots, it provides a much broader picture of the transactions occurring within your SAP BusinessObjects system, and a complete record of who changed what and when.