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UNV to UNX Bulk Conversion - Released

The UNX universe is an important innovation in BI 4.0. If you have a large number of existing UNV universes, then taking advantage of this innovation could require a time-consuming and resource-intensive conversion process.

The APOS Converter for BI 4.x Universes allows you to scan your system for existing UNV universes, select them, and convert in bulk to UNX universes.

For BI 4.0, SP5 and above.

bi4 unv unx bulk converter

Converting UNVs to UNXs in Bulk

Like other APOS Migration Accelerator products, the APOS Convertor for BI 4.x Universes allows migration planners and administrators to automate time-intensive and labor-intensive migration tasks, removing uncertainties from the migration planning process, and liberating resources to tackle higher-ROI tasks.

When you migrate to BI 4.x, you can take your UNV universes with you without converting to them to UNX. However, given the great advantages conferred by the UNX format, and because all new innovation will be developed in the UNX format only, you will eventually want to convert all the UNVs you can.*

High-volume conversion of UNV universes to UNX universes is both time-consuming and resource-intensive. You can use the Information Design Tool in SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x to convert universes, but it is a tedious process.

Using the APOS Converter for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x Universes, you can query for and select the universes you want to convert by a number of criteria, specify new connection and location information, then convert them in a single operation. The APOS Converter logs the conversion process and any issues that arise during the process.


The APOS Converter for SAP BI 4.x Universes lets you:

  • Convert UNV universes to UNX universes
  • Specify universe setting changes in bulk
  • Specify new connection and location information for the converted universes
  • Log the conversion process and any issues that may require manual intervention
  • Export Universe properties
  • Manage data connections
  • Manage Universe connections for UNV universes

*Note: not all UNV universes can be converted, regardless of whether you are using the APOS Converter or the Information Design Tool (IDT). OLAP UNVs, UNVs based on stored procedures, and UNVs based on the XI 3.x Data Federator must be recreated if you want them to exist as UNX universes.