Webinar -
Translate SAP BI Universe Modelling to HANA Modelling

When: Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 10 am / 2 pm EDT

The APOS Universe Modelling Migration Accelerator, or UMMA (yuma) is a project-based conversion solution enabling organizations working with both SAP BI and SAP Analytics Cloud to automate the translation of modelling from SAP BI Universes to SAP HANA.

APOS UMMA enables:

  • Rapid adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud by leveraging SAP BI logic investment
  • Rapid movement into Hybrid BI by leveraging SAP BI logic investment
  • Adoption of modern HANA data platform for long-term data modelling

Join us to find out how UMMA can help you leverage your existing Universes to speed adoption of HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and/or Hybrid BI.

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