APOS Insight - Security Analysis

The deep system introspection capabilities of APOS Insight allows BI teams to manage security, both as part of your planning processes, and in day-to-day administration.

APOS Insight allows you to:

  • Extract security information
  • Analyze your entire security structure
  • Compare security structures between systems

Extract Security Information

APOS Insight provides a snapshot of your system at a moment in time to show you complete metadata on:

  • Users
  • User groups
  • Roles
  • Rights

APOS Insight extracts this metadata to the Insight tables, which can be reported against for extensive security analysis.

Analyze Your Entire Security Structure

APOS Insight's snapshot in time of your security information is not just important for detailed analysis. It is also important because it allows you to see your security structure's big picture, and how all the parts relate.

  • Track when changes occur in your system - APOS Insight monitors the BI Audit Log for changes, so you know precisely when any object in your system changes, and who made the changes.
  • Analyze the history of changes to objects within your system - APOS Insight makes audit history easily accessible for detailed analysis, supporting your change management processes and governance objectives.

Compare Security Between Two Systems

You can use the information provided by APOS Insight -- the granular and the structural -- to compare multiple systems and analyze differences, allowing you to plan and efficiently execute

  • Migrations
  • Upgrades
  • System consolidations


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