APOS Insight - System Usage Analysis

Understanding system usage is key to BI system planning as well as day-to-day operational prioritization. APOS Insight establishes a deep and rich BI system metadata repository that allows you to clearly analyze:

  • User activity
  • Report & dashboard usage and consumption patterns
  • License and session activity

…and much more.

BI metadata allows you to understand the impact on your BI system of business issues, user issues and system planning issues.

SAP BI System Behavior

Understanding SAP BusinessObjects system behavior means understanding both user activities and system activities. APOS Insight will help you answer critical questions about your SAP BusinessObjects deployment quickly and accurately, questions such as:

  • Do we need more licenses?
  • Can we get reports to the sales organization in a timely manner?
  • Will a temporary budget freeze prevent us from adding the new users we need to keep operations working smoothly?
  • Can we justify our computer capital increase for next year?

Insight's system usage metadata allows you to increase operational efficiency, and plan effectively for change and growth. APOS Insight helps you realize benefits quickly and achieve a broad and deep view of your system, enabling your BI team to:

  • Capture an extensive range of historical system statistics and user metrics
  • Store statistics, metrics, and key performance indicators in an accessible database outside the SAP BusinessObjects system
  • Interrogate this database to uncover challenging system knowledge
  • Analyze statistical and functional information off-line
  • Create targeted reports to answer unique questions and resolve issues

SAP BusinessObjects Audit provides helpful data about the SAP BusinessObjects system, with a particular focus on system actions. To amplify these synergies, APOS Insight improves access to the SAP BusinessObjects audit log by capturing log information, de-normalizing it, and loading it into topical tables for easy and extended reporting.

Contact APOS to find out how APOS Insight can help you to make the most of your BI system with deep system usage metadata.

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