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Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is a critical need for BI teams, because BI systems and system content evolve rapidly. As data structure changes are being planned or implemented, it is important to know what BI content will be or has been affected by those changes. This is a common concern, especially when BI systems are integrated with third-party solutions such as healthcare EHR systems, or when data source changes affect financial reporting internal controls. APOS Insight's impact analysis capabilities allow you to foresee and measure the impact of any data source changes.

Database schema changes, updated universes or any other changes to data sources will have an impact on your reports and dashboards. Measuring that impact and assigning the resources to make the necessary changes to reports is an ongoing challenge for BI platform managers. APOS Insight lets you manage the impact on:

  • Reports
  • Universes
  • Business views
  • Dashboards

Use APOS Insight to gain a comprehensive understanding of which reports will be affected by changes to the data sources.

As an example of why this comprehensive understanding is necessary, see how APOS Insight can help with financial reporting controls change management:

Optimize Change Management Processes and Workflows

APOS Insight's audit capabilities ensure you stay on top of change in your BI environment. Analyze detailed audit information to support your change management documentation, and use impact analysis to achieve financial report / internal control compliance and to accelerate EHR upgrades.

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