APOS Insight - System Content Analysis

The deep system introspection provided by APOS Insight simplifies, automates and expands system content analysis, allowing you to manage proactively and react quickly to events and issues. Enhanced metadata analysis allows you to automate the creation of:

  • Report inventory - a complete and organized listing of reports and content that exists within your system, and where it resides.
  • Report catalogs - a comprehensive view into the reports in your system, the structure of those reports, and the data elements that are utilized within.
  • Report documentation - document the composition and data connections of your report catalog.

The ability to capture and manipulate metadata provides critical understanding for any BI team's success in preparing for upgrades and migrations, and in establishing a detailed and easily managed report catalog.

BI teams tasked with enforcing information governance use APOS Insight to flag reports in their catalog that contain sensitive information, such as ePHI, PCI, or PII (healthcare), or financial control data, and to maintain audit readiness.

Working Smart with SAP BI

Working smart in your SAP BI deployment involves reducing technical debt wherever you can. What this means in practice is having a full understanding of how every move affects your report catalog, and reducing the number of cascading changes you need to make.

Contact APOS to find out how APOS Insight can help you to work smart and use your resources judiciously.


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