APOS Insight - System Change Auditing

Increasing pressures around system governance, regulatory compliance and audit readiness are driving the need for BI teams to establish and support flawless change management workflows. From the report developer up the chain to C-level executives, managing change is equivalent to managing risk, which is why more and more organizations are using APOS Insight to track and record:

  • Security changes
  • Report structure changes
  • Universe structure changes

APOS Insight audit runs services for reports, universes, and security structure on a configurable schedule, and these services extract metadata to record system content changes. Changes are recorded to the APOS Insight audit database, and you can run reports and dashboards against the tables in that database in support of your change management workflows.

How Insight Monitors Metadata

APOS Insight's KPI module takes a snapshot of various aspects of your SAP BusinessObjects system and creates metadata of these snapshots for comprehensive off-line analysis and reporting. Included in these snapshots are:

  • System status snapshots - current load and activity levels of all SAP BusinessObjects XI components;
  • System structure snapshots - current information about servers, users, user groups, folders, reports, etc.; and
  • Report design snapshots - current information about the report design content of all your reports.

Because KPI combines log data with the wealth of data captured by KPI's snapshots, the APOS Insight solution provides a very broad picture of the transactions occurring within your SAP BusinessObjects system, allowing you to make informed decisions concerning issues such as licensing and migration, and allowing you to manage change proactively.

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